Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NO, I feel fine


IM busy lol Im scrapping like a person with one day left ..... to put all their memories on paper. OH wait THAT WOULD be the case. I have projects coming out the wazoo. One is a last minute thing I was asked to do and I wasn't thinking and said yes. SO when John gets home from work, I have been Under 3 feet of scrap paper which we call my scrap room and just working. Battling headache from allergies and am just TIRED! SO I nap then get up and scrap some more. ITS FUN THOUGH IM NOT COMPLAINING. I love doing this so it gets these pages done. Even Better that they serve more than one purpose. SO I WILL SHOW YOU WHEN I CAN. I dont have them all done but soem will have to be done by tomorrow, so IF I DONT ANSWER THE PHONE.. IF IM SHORT WITH YOU ON THE PHONE. ITS cuz IM BUsy. I got my Normal due stuff this weekend too and Getting Bella ready for school. LOVE YA!
Now back to work. hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Nancy
You sound so busy. I hope you manage to get everything finished. I can't wait to see your creations.
Best wishes

Adriann said...

Stopping by to say Hello. Looking forward to hearing about the antics of Bella.

Enjoy your week!