Tuesday, July 24, 2007

spoke just a little too soon

OK I spoke too soon. .... I ended up with some kinda bad stomach flu hat has had me in the bed for a week. For something they say won't kill ya man I sure felt pretty close a few times there. SO easy to get dehydrated. I THINK we are almost over it now. Playing major catch up worse than I was to start with. BUT at least no one is puking.
Just a quick update. Bella got the rest of her uniforms today. John took her and finished that for me (thank you John) she is gonna look too cute but I can tell she is gonna hate this thing before its over. very boring. anyway just a quick update and we are continuing to pray for our friend Billy Hall that was in the boating accident that has a severe head trauma. He is in the neuro science hospital at university medical in Jackson Mississippi so please say an extra prayer for him and his family.


Ambearluv said...

Hope you are over the flu... and up and running again soon. No fun to be stuck sick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, I am back, and I had to come and say hello, I hope everything is going well.

Carole xx

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, yuck!! sorry you got sick!!
Praying for your friend. So sad!