Sunday, January 14, 2007

another day another layout... I WISH!

Dear Santa, I can explain...........
YUP that about sums it up!!!! This is the gingerbread man line from Piggy tales. I used their coordinating cardstock tags labels and photo turns as well as the coordinating chipboard (I had to use an H and a D to make me a n and a a but that is ok I never have enough letters) I LOVE this font for that reason. I wrote on the photo turns naughty? Nice? naughty? nice? and doodled on the rest of the page added ric rac and bling and called it a page. the blingy sticker letters are by making memories. You can see this along with the rest of our PIGGYTALES sponsor pages at SCRAP THAT

I would LOVE to be one of those people that can do a layout EVERY DAY. bwahahahaa is that not funny! It ain't happnin around here. My mom went home today :( I really enjoyed her being here (when I was conscious.... I slept through most of it cuz, well she kept DRUGGIN ME UP) but, she was just following the dr orders. let me tell you. That woman every time the buzzer went off she popped another demrol in me.Secretly I think she was slippin a mickey in my milk shakes. She didnt wake me up to give them to me though. I will give her that. BUt, John told her how painful shingles were and I guess she figured unconsicous was better. I agree sometimes. Im just kidding she wasn't that bad I was seein stuff there for a while. haha. ANyway. I have been awake 2 days in a row now. (not completely 24hours a day but well YOU KNOW what I mean) and it feels good to be part of the world again.
We talked to a friend that is a Nurse. She told me not to get around anyone that: was pregnant, on chemo therapy, or kids that have not had the chicken pox vaccine for another week. Which sucks. cuz Hobby lobby has my adhesive 50% off so guess where my happy polka dotted butt will be at 9 am SO warning: If you are any of these things YAll better steer clear of the adhesive row! I am goin' in.
I am debating play group with Bella tomorrow. Bless her heart, I know she is bored out of her mind. BUt I worry that if I get any body sick I will never feel welcomed again. Yeah I know.. IM risking the lives to get adhesive by gosh... but I KNOW there will be kids at playgroup. I WOULD THINK they all have had their shots. but ya never know... anyway Im waiting on my friend to tell me what she thinks and I will let you know the final verdict. It is ussually on Tuesdays but since today is some holiday or something we are doing it today. Here is the last page with Piggy Tales. Keep in mind Im still ailin but it felt good to scrap again. I love the new funky freestyle that is goin on all over now. IM gonna go hit the hay for now. SHOUT OUT TO MY PAL JEANNE ! SHE IS NOW A FREELANCE CHICK AT SCRAP THAT MOMENT WHEHEWHEW YOU GO GIRL! CONGRATS and WELCOME!!! (we get to work together::jumping up and down together::)

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*Jeanne* said...

Hey there girlie! I soooooooo love this design. She is such a doll.

Thanks.. I can't wait to get started on STM stuff.