Thursday, January 11, 2007

Toots and That sponsor PIGGY TALES

( <~~Journaling is: U are the Beauty among Flowers) Piggy Tales Snow white line.

WEll if you have gone on scrap that moments site this week you then know, That PIGGY TALES is THAT SPONSOR for this month. I am just now getting my projects uploaded and I still owe her one more. I won't be doing it till maybe next week though, because I have had shingles .....AGAIN!!! They didnt look as bad on my body, but I had a lineof them across my face from nose/mouth to my ear so my entire head, ears ,eyes, everything were effected and I look worse than usual. My dr. thinks it was all the stress through the holidays, traveling and from the kidney stones.. put em together at the same time and voila shingles. I am about to finally get over it though, still dizzy and light headed (whats new huh? ha ha) My vision is still real weird feeling, like everything has a glow or like im looking down a tube and I cant hear good on that side either (that is my excuse when I dont reply to hearing mommy 10 thousand times a minute I know I have "a bad ear" well worse ear I guess you would say. I feel very blessed though, because so many do lose all their vision and hearing when that is effected. WIth as many times I have had them I still have only minimal damage. I want to talk to someone who has had the new vaccine and see if it is worth it. I hear the shot is pretty painful and you go through a mini bout of them when you get it.. so I dunno yet. OH WELL... ENough about all that crappola eww.
Did I tell you some other good news about scrap that moment? They have this magazine coming out at c.h.a. called SCRAPPY CHICK. Well, I was asked to be on the design team for that as well. (sorry if I already told you IT has been a while since I have blogged. I need to catch up!) I am awaiting my first assignment. ALSO, stop by the booth at cha and see my creations that will be there, along with some other fabulous designers in the industry. I am sure you will recognize alot of the faces and of course you will recognize Bella. Ha HA HA. I feel completely blessed and AMAZED I get to be a part of all this. Dreams do come true folks. You just have to keep tryin' Be sure and say HI to the Jones girls and sign the guest book!

( ^^Journaling for above is: IF raindrops were gumdrops candy canes or lollipops, Oh what a ran that would be YUM YUM!! Frog Prince line, chipboard letters and tag sheet. <~~ JOURNALING for page to the side is: Playing in the rain.. oh how I LOVE to play in the rain.. 12 06 06, Little Boy Blue line chipboard and cardstock accessories)
I received the MOST SPLENDID e-mail evah yesterday and IT MADE MY DAY!( I sure need some good news) Creative concepts requested 8 yes EIGHT of my projects for next quarters magazine. I had to call john to come read it and make sure I wasnt reading it wrong, surely she just was saying oh this is cute she didn't really want all those. But NO! SHE DOES! ::happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy:: I was/am so excited. TOTALLY put a smile upon my face. Now comes the task fo taking the pages down from where I have posted them. I don't mind that at all. I just need to remember to put them back up when I get them back.
Bella is going through the obnoxious 3 year old stage right now. Driving us all nuts. She hasn't been taking naps and I havent had her on a very good schedule. Mainly because,well it seems we have each been sick more than well. Also we were traveling during the holidays. SO, I must get on that when Im back to full speed. She is into everything and will not listen and its her way or no way... and those are the GOOD days. If she is tired it is worse. My neighbor and friend is a child psychologist. She thinks it is because I have been in the bed sick so much and have had everyone and their mother helping watch her.. she is out of her routine and you know how much kids want routine... so Pray for us will you, that we can get back into a routine. (and we all will get well and stay that way) At this point Ill even try exorcism if it will make her mind. IM tired of yelling and bribing and time outing or spanking I want ONE DAY at least where no one is screaming, crying or nerve ridden. IS THAT too much to ask?
I am sure you remeber some of these photos from a previous blog entry. This is the present my brother and sister in law sent Bella when they went to Disney World. SHe was sooo happy and screamed DIS IS DA BEST PWESENT EVAH!! and giggled up a storm. SO YOU KNOW that had to be a page now didnt you ;) I know these 2 pages have more photos on it than I ussually use but it has to tell the story. Can't you see the excitement on her face. SO funny. She is a mess. I am watching Greys Anatomy PLEADING with IZZY to cash that 8 million dollar check!!!!! I love this show and will be glad when the cable company here gets their crapp worked out with the network so I dont have to use rabbit ears to watch my favorite shows. IT couldnt be one of the crappy stations we don't watch NOOOO the one that has all the shows I love. OK I think I am caught up enough for tonight IM totally exhausted and need to go crash back out. Hope you all have had a great week cuz guess what!? TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Gosh Nanc......I'm sorry you are going through this again. I miss you on AOL, but mine isn't always working, so you probably haven't seen me on.
A gal I know had the shingles vaccine and as far as I know, no side affects.
Great layouts! I finally cleared my table off. I actually have some stuff layed out pretending I'm gonna do a layout soon.

NancyJones said...

that is good to know about the vaccine. Has she gotten shingles since? did she get them alot before then? I got that coronna cream you told me about... seems to be working I think. smells really bad rofl jsut ask john bwahahaha

Scrappytbear said...

LOL Nancy those layouts are awesome! LOL I love them!
I so wish there was something I could do about your problem, I do hope it goes away quickly rather then slow! Then you can be around more!

Kelly said...

WOw! It's great to see some layouts from you again! I hope you're feeling a bit better, your layouts are wondwerful :)