Wednesday, January 24, 2007


so who else is glued to the tv to see who is gonna be the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL. I never thought Id be so interested in really bad karaoke. Some of these people you have to wonder did they lose a bet soemwhere to actually be on television dancing and singing likethey are? They cannot POSSIBLY THINK what they are doing is singing. YES It is easy for me to judge since I have such a GORGEOUS singing voice,,, I will pause for the hysterical laughter that my brother is probably erupting in at this moment, but come on people. Makes you wonder if they "had"(I say had cuz after they watch the show they wont be friends anymore probably) a great friend (such as me) to totally convince them they NEEED to go audition. "YEA you can sing. I swear if i close my eyes (and my ears) and tilt my head to the north on mondays, YOU SOUND JUUUUST like prince (being attacked by a ravenous squirrel) I have a BRILLIANT idea, you need to quit your job.. take your life savings and go audition for American idol. HEY I heard elvis had no formal musical training. YOU SHOULD SOOO DO IT!

I felt sorry for them until Common sense told me that they had to sign releases stating they could publish them singing or whatever they were doing onto the tract that made the tv cut. They even sang other songs while the producers taped them. Im sure the producers kept a straight face while they discussed furtherment of their career with them. BUT, what got me was the ones that ran out cursing and screaming and tyranting such.. then went back and sang the OTHER songs they showed clippits of them performing (badly). COME ON. THEY JUST SAID YOU SUCKED so ughm LETS HEAR MORE!!!!

so err.. who all is watching it tonight with me ? let me hear a wheew hewww!!!!

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