Tuesday, January 30, 2007

coolnes and an update

Looky what I found while scouring the internet and some other blogs:http://organizedhome.com/printable/ this is a place you can print out your own organizer sheets! HOW FRIGGIN COOL IS THAT!!!! you can print off all kinds of planner pages to keep you all organized.

SO to inform my family all at once (and friends) so I don't have to make 10 thousand phone calls and email sends. Here is the latest from the dr. I went today. Dont know much still. just that Im still sick and I still have a freaky rash. I have good days bad days as usual. The medicine is making me sick as a dog but we knew that cuz all the chemo family med things do that. I can't be around any one sick or sniffling. I still have swollen areas and sore as crapp joints. They gave me some news meds (yeah to add to the collection I need to start alterin those bottles huh) and I have 2 appts On Valentines day with an infection disease dr (sounds freaky dont it) and back to my Rheumatologist. Hopefully by then my test results will be back and we will know more. SO as of right now DONT really know anything. They will figure out what this is He thinks I did have shingles originally but it migrated to something more chicken pox like and in that family ( did you know it had a family?) but it was too wide spread to be shingly... It wont go away so he is saying it is systemic so he said to expect some aggressive therapy to get rid of it. SO I still know what? that I feel like crapp and everything hurts and Im swoll up like a puffer fish. But we dont know EXACTLY why. SO hope that answers all the questions. Thanks for the continued prayers.

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Rebecca H. said...

this is a very cool resource. i've added it to my fav's for now & may just have to stick a link on my blog. thanks!

also, thanks for checking out my blog & leaving a comment. it's so nice to know that people are looking & are enjoying it!