Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bella heard a whaaaaaaaat?

Ok when we got these photos back and I was going through them I immediatly thought of this paper. I have hung on to this paper I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with it but I knew something would come up. I was about to go on a gift bag and card making frendsy when this picture appeared. so corny as it may be... I thought it came out ok. Not bad for a sick chick.
I did alot of dimension on it so it would look like the little critters were hidin in the woods and wanting to come out and play with her. I just invisioned them stealing the easter eggs and her going ok this is NOT FUNNY. WHO GOT MY EGGS.
OK MAYBE this is good stuff they have me on after all. hahahaha

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today Bella is outside playing. I took my medicine late this morning so nursed a headache all morning. This afternoon I finally got up and worked on this page and finished it. THe paper is by REMINISCE DESIGNS if you are interested. It really is cute if you have pictures that go. or a kid that loves the jungle.

TONIGHT IS LOST! WHEWHEWWW I can't wait to watch it. My mom is coming tomorrow so I may not be online much then again I might be online more ya never know how that turns out. Depends on how this medicine treats me and her mood.
Bella is ready for some Grammaw time she says!
Ok I need to go take my evening meds cuz I DONT want to do that again oh my heavens!


DebW said...

Great LO!! Excellent work for a "sick Chick"! Enjoy your visit with Mom!

Lynn said...

love that lo and for a sick chick you're kickin paper butt!!!! take care of yourself and have fun w/grammaw!!!! miss you!

jan williams said...

I think you did an Awesome Job! Have fun this weekend!

ivyPINK said...

this page is so cute. I love the papers :)