Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pullin' out my pimp hat

OK IM pullin out my pimp hat.
I JUST have to tell you. Tracy at Treasures to scrap GOT some kickin' stuff in yesterday and You guys know cuz I been tellin' yall haha about how her store everything is everyday 35% cheaper than most places. WeLL that INCLUDES her kits. She does these page kits but let me tell ya... YOU CAN GET MORE THAN A PAGE OUT OF THEM. FOR THE MONEY.... IT is the way to go.
she has some KAUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEE (pronounced cute but in a nancynese fashion) kits this month I have to tell ya. SO GO check it!

Yall also know we all have been praying for her Daughter and Son in law for a while now. Her son in law has been in bad health for a while now. Well yesterday they got a miracle. you can read about it here THis truly is a blessing.

I also wanted to POINT YOU to the new stuff Tracy has added to the store. SHe has gotten in some kickin stuff. I know my bank account is gonna be depleted from it haha. I have to tell you the Bazzill birthstone blingy cardstock, grungeboard and the crackle paint and the stickles and the clear albums and and ...I can continue If you would like me tooo.. I got a big drool puddle goin here. Last count she had 4 yes FOUR of the big bites left and at 35% off I see why they are selling so fast.

I better quit we got my hospital bill this week and I Could go buy a new car for that one MAYAAAANNN! MRI's need to be on sale I tell ya!

I did get to scrap tonight. I had to. I had to turn off the american idol believe it or not. The flashing lights were bothering me too bad. SO I turned it where I could barely see the picture, I know! I KNOW!! my DAVIDDD!!! But, I could hear him so that is mostly what mattered. ANd I started on a page Im JUST finished it. IT scanned kinda wonky, but you get the general idea, Im going to try to photograph it but with the weather it may be later... IT INVOLVED cosmo cricket yeah IM still playing with my box of Cosmo cricket I got rofl.
I played with ALSO the crackle paints OH MAN I LOVE IT. I did some cool stuff with it and the black board letters I got the vintage ones OH I LOVE THEM!!! Note to self: Tell lindsay On FRIDAY AT 9PM EST (that is 7pm central for all us down south) WHEN WE HAVE OUR CHAT WITH HIM AND THE COSMO CRICKET CREW AT TTS...we need more L's and R's In the letter sets hahahahahaha. Im sure he will love me for that one. I always run out of those letters do you guys do that?
SO I had to make different words but IT worked out. I also used a page in the making memories journaling book (those are sooo cool if you can find them) I made my own scalloped paper out of my cosmo cricket paper. I used my deco scissors cuz Im not too good with the regular scissors and those are more forgiving if you dont cut straight haha. I went over the crackle paint with a colorbox cats eye ink chalk so the crackles would show up good. I LOVE the wooden numbers I have used those forever on layouts. I get them from scrappin freindsy. That is the lss from back home where I grew up (HEY YALL!!!) Some really nice folks over there! I got to move up to the number 5's next (don't start me to cryin')
anyway This is another one of those pages I want Bella to learn something from. To not just "judge a book by its cover" so to speak. That you have to dig sometimes to get to the beauty but everything is beautiful in its own way... why do I hear Ray Stevens singing all of a sudden.... man am I Showing my age or what! I had that record YES RECORD not CD. record on 45 hahaha. Ok completely showed my age there. But anyway I want her to someday realise I was tryin' to tell her something Not just make pages with all these pics ya know?

Ok I need to go, John is probably gonna have a cow or end up putting my face on the back of that milk carton for real when he goes to pick up my photo order but its ALL HIS FAULT he took so many cute pictures at the Platnation that I had to print them. I also am hoping to get to make my mom and his mom a mini album of the cutest ones. FINGERS CROSSED. I feel better can you tell?
SO much scrappin I wanna do.
I will show yall in a bit when I finish this crackly page. Its turnin out good I think even for my flicted self.
Hope yall have a good day.


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

oh gal.. you are good... Love love love that page and thank ya gal for the post about the products at TTS.. you know I luv your gutz!!!!
Savana and Trevor say thank you for all the prayers and that they are right back at ya too...
co-owner of TTS

The Barber Bunch said...

Just surfing the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

I love your pages.


Lynn said...

ooooooooo you are so feelin better. love that. miss you bunches!

Josie said...

So glad you are feeling better : )
Love seeing all your scrapbook pages...I really need to try that crackle paint

DebW said...

Yes I can tell you feel better and I am so happy right now I could cry!! I pray it continues cuz I wanna come down to see that "bama snow" sometime soon!
Beautiful LO as usual! Thanks for sharing.
I put a PSA on my blog for Tracy's sale. Hope she gets some bites from it!

SusieScrapper said...

Love your new page!! You're work is wonderful!!

Keep them coming Nancy!!