Monday, March 17, 2008

Partridge Plantation Egg hunt

Bella had a field trip today at school to THE PARTRIDGE PLANTATION. It is really a big nice farm that you can go to and pet the animals and check out the country farm livin'.
They had a big Easter egg hunt and had SOOOOO much fun. John took a kabillion pictures for me, so I wouldn't be as bummed that I couldnt go :) Im still not up to it yet. Hopefully soon :)
I know the family will want to see these. we are NOT gonna get to come home for Easter :( this year which we haven't gone home the last 2 due to health issues and Bella being in different programs with church, school or other functions.
I am glad she has gotten to participate in some egg hunts and things this year. SHe has had a great time. Ok on with the photos. John did a super job as the camera man :)
IM NOT putting them all up.

If you get a chance go look at my sweet blonde child HERE at the Creative Imaginations blog. How cool is that. I wanna thank Cheryl and everyon at C.I. that made my day!. Im printing it out for my mom (she has no computer and no IM not gonna go there rofl) Thank you again.


chronic chick said...

She sure is photogenic

Babydoll said...

Nancy, I love the St. Paddy's day page on CI!! Awesome work as usual!

Lynn said...

woo hoo congrats on that and ain't she a great lil leprachan(sp?). adorable actually. love that lo!!!

DebW said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Little Bella is so cute! Actually, she's not so little anymore!! :)

I hope you are having a good day today!