Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cosmooooooo, cosmo cricket ........

IM feeling a bit better that I scrapped hahahahaa
ok maybe I should say I FEEL GOOD ENOUGH THAT I SCRAPPED. maybe that is the best way. I am having alot of trouble with my thoughts and words and getting things to come out right, so workin on this, I am feeling better just that is the main thing and Im noticing things that I cant do anymore like IMs and things if I get more than one at a time and then Bella is talking to me and the tv is going and then lord forbid someone call. I shut down my head just goes haywire I cant think I cant focus I cant make a sentence. Thia happened today. I used to could do it no problem and now IM like what the hell.Take a number even. SO Im having to just seperate stuff and this is really hard. AGAIN they TOLD ME this was normal but I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! I like being able to post on a message board with one hand and talk in an IM with the other while on the phone. That is how I got all my stuff done. BUT could be why my brain shut down in the first place who knows. IM HOPING this is just the medication. But, something tells me its not. Oh well. And I cant remember crapp anymore I write it down and forget to look at the note or look at the note and go HUH? WHAT does that mean. I have a note I wrote myself that I have no idea what It means and Im praying it isnt important. I know horrible.

Well I did scrap I got my mini album done I thing it turned out so cute. This is Bellas first year at school 4k even. she is the cutest thing in her little uniform and is smarter than I am already (yeah I know she didnt have much to go to do that huh hahahah) Case in point I had to turn American Idol DOWN so I could do this post because It was breaking my concentration and making my head hurt. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Anyway here is a sneak peek at the mini book. IT is the new BLACKBOARD book from COSMO CRICKET and their new line of papers

I have to add a little PSA or commercial here I guess. Yall know my Good friend Tracy (HEY TRACY) Owns Treasures to Scrap. She has changed her paper store where now EVERYTHING IN IT is 35% off yes even the new inventory, AND she has this paper and these albums in it. SO ughmm HURRY and you can click on that first blinkie on the side bar it goes straight to the store or click on one of the highlighted words here I hope I did it right.
She has been very patient with me. I took on a sorta a job with her. Im not designing so dont get your drawers all in a wad, I am not design team I dont think I am ready for all that. I have quit all my teams that let me. I am just helping her with advertising. YES I will be scrapping alot because my main goal right now is getting things done. Getting these pages done for Bella. THIS SPELL I HAD SCARED ME! It scared alot of us. this is another page but its with sei paper I cant remember what its called but it worked with what I was tryin to do. I love watching BElla and Eva Caroline Play...
speaking of that I just have to say something.

A while back middle of January. When things started getting bad with my nerves and I had started to quit designing like me. She is the one that saw soemthing wasnt quite right with me cuz she knew my love for this business and also my love for all things shiny haha. she knows I know this business, I love this business it is my heart. and for me to just up and walk away one day and say to heck with it all screw it all I cant do this that something bad was worng with me. It has been happning for a little bit now off an on. well come to find out she was right and it is called VASCULITIS. Yall know that though from reading these past posts know the trouble I have gone through. some reasearch from some freinds they actually knew it before we did but it took half of my face going numb and my arm and feet and not being able to walk too good...almost getting in big trouble healthwise that could have been damage that may not ever make me Nancy again. (yeah not sure if that is good or bad lol) but I do want to thank yall. IF yall had not talked to me and noticed and stuck by it and Not just said OK FINE...OH YOUR NOT MY FRIEND anymore and left me like some DID DO! NO you stuck it out and knew that health wise with the lupus I was in trouble and possibly yall saved me. NO you guys did save me. YOU MADE me go on and call then instead of waiting. so Thank you one and all of you. YES I get mad my nerves are shot and fuss but I LOVE YOU. More than you will ever know. Thank you for not giving up on me and making me go that day to the dr.This is a problem that come to find out I have had for a while now and didnt know it. yeah I just have these little bothersome problems now but it could have been a stroke or heart attack if I had waited another day. so Thank you,

OK I have worked on this dang post for over an hour and my head is killin me so that is enough for right now. sorry If it dont make sense. bear with me...


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

oh gal... I just LUV YOUR GUTZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You cant get rid of us that fast gal..
This book rawks.. and it is great to see you able to scrap again.. You will make it and you are LOVED!!!
just me,
Crazy T
co-owner of TTS

Cheryl Wray said...

I just love that mini album. I have seen those little black albums and thought how cute they are, and you did a GREAT job with t hem!!!

You hang in there. You are an inspiration!!!!

DebW said...

Love you Nancy, for your determination and courage that you show every day!

Leslie Ashe said...

Hi pretty lady!! You know what...like I told you in an email to you, I admire you for everything you are, your strength, your courage, your will to fight...YOU!! I love you Nancy!! :) LOVE your minibook and your oh so cute layout!
I miss you tons!

Lauren said...

Hi Nancy,

I adore that mini album, good to see you scrapping again too!!

Cheers, Lauren x

Anonymous said...

I Nancy, I just want to wish you the very best, it sounds like you have been to hell and back, I had no idea you were so unwell, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Take Care.
BTW I love your little mini Album.
Carole xx

Lynn said...

awww so glad to see you back in action. miss you im'g but don't sweat it - all your multi tasking talent w/come back at once. love the mini book - you still rock all things paper. love ya chickie!!! miss you!