Wednesday, June 06, 2007


For Today..

I will make it easy. WHat story does your family laugh at over and over and LOVE to tell on you? (especially in front of company?)

Mine happens to be when I was riding on my brothers bike. YOu know boy bikes have that BAR that goes up the center and girl bikes it slopes down (I always wondered why they do that.. makes no sense)anyway. My brother was "driving" and I was riding on the front of the seat. I was probably about 4 maybe 5. WE had been over at the shop with daddy. Mom had basically told us to GO get out of her hair and bug daddy while she had some church people over. As mom entertained her church guests in our living room. WE had this little trail from the shop we rode on our bikes. Well when Your riding the trail back there is a drop off right before you get to the house. when your 5 It looks like a cliff. In reality it was maybe a 2 foot maybe 3 foot drop off the rain had made over the years. Well My brother decides TO JUMP IT. He goes faster and all the while IM SCREAMING "NONONONONONONONO." well He does jump it and yup you guessed it. I landed RIGHT stradle the ball buster bar. OMGOSH. I went running into the house IN front of mom and her church company SCREAMING "MAMA!!! WINDALE HURT MY T T! HE HURT ME IT HURTS OW OWOWOWW" You can imagine the looks that got. SO mom quickly excused, ok.... well she picked me up and slung me to the back of the house hand over my mouth VERY QUICKLY to see what exactly the matter was. Im sure she settled that amongst the guests. It raised some eyebrows for a few minutes.Come to think of it.. I wonder if we had those people over any more after that hmmmm.

I guess it is a good thing the church people were not there the day he killed me with the metal bar that makes the A on the side of the swing set..( I was hind catcher in our imaginary baseball game.. that was his bat so he claims) Even though it may have been comforting to have the holy ladies around me while the goose egg the size of a soft ball formed between my eyes. SUre enough.. I lived through it and well The church people made regular appearances at our house and I often wondered why. NOt sure if it was for entertainment or actually we were the family they had to "work on" either way IM sure their entertainment was well funded by the likes of us.

So what is your story? Is there a favorite your family just LOOOOVEEESSSS to share when you have company with you or are in a crowd of friends. DO they bring it up Thanksgiving or Christmas just to see if it will bring embarrassment?
PLEASE DO TELL. and be sure to link us back to it so we can put your name in the drawing at TREASURES TO SCRAP in the blog challenge section.


Magpie (Jan Connair) said...

OMG, loved your story, but I winced just reading it! A few days ago I posted a couple of the stories I still get reminded about in the category of recipes gone wrong. And of course my brother left me a comment . . . .

Dawn said...

too too funny! It made me smile this morning!

Eminepala said...

bwahaha... you poor girl... But this story is way too funny


Lucy (scrapperqueen) said... the story

Julie said...

LMAO OUCH!!!!! OMG that hurts!!!! I can imagine what the church ladies thought! *L* Glad your mom cleared it up!!