Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blog challenge for Tuesday

Sorry I havent updated. I have been not feeling good and we had some sad family news. IF you all will please pray for my Aunt. She is not doing well at all. (Aunt Ouida (pronounced wee da) THey had to put her on the lung by pass machine to breathe for her so her lungs won't collapse. I want to go to her so bad but since I have shingles (again....) I won't even start cuz i keep crying about it and I know that doesnt help it at all. ANyway PLEAse say a prayer for her and for her family that is sitting with her. THank you

On to todays BLog challenge: This is one that was done on 2 peas a while back that I didnt get to do. I like it though and thought it would be a good one for us to share.

WHat in your lifetime has only happened to you once?

1. Gave birth to a beautiful little girl through C section. (I have been pregnant before but could never carry a baby. They told me I probably never would be able to have a child so this was a MAJOR miracle for me. I am thrilled about.

2. I survived a horrible Divorce. Right after my dad got killed. That was tragic in it self. I was the first one in our family to get divorced and was frowned upon but.. If I had stayed in that marriage... chances are I woudlnt be here today. I have no intentions to ever go through that again.

3. I lived through a horrible tragedy with my dads death and the trial of the guy that killed my father. I PRAY no one ever has to live this and PRAY we never have to again. That was life changing and I think responsible for some of what is wrong wiht my health. SOme things you just dont get over. THis is one I never will.

4. Married my true love. Yes It took me a while cuz IM hard headed (that i another first I admitted I was hard headed) but I met and married john and I know we will be together the rest of our lives. I thank God for him every day.

5. I lived in another state besides home. That could change though who knows where they will send John with the work he does. but so far only once have I moved out of state.

6. baptised. I think this is something we only have to do once because once god saves you. YOur saved. ANd I am thankful. We do have to resubmit ourselves every day. I am human like everyone else. BUt I have this great and powerful person on my side named JEsus and with him all things are possible.

7. Went to las vegas.

8 Went to washington D c

9. Was who's who among american high school students.

10 went to college

11 eaten shell fish on purpose. (huge mistake very allergic)

That is all I cant hink of right now. What are yours? Link me back so we can read them.

DONT Forget to post them at TREASURES TO SCRAP int eh blog section that you blogged SO I can put your name in the weekly blog contest challenge box.

Last weeks winner was DAWN. Congrats Dawn Your Rak is On its way!!


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

awww big big huge hugs to you my dear.. you are in my thoughts and prayers as well as your family...
Great challenge... off to update my blog as well...
luv your gutz!!

Scrappytbear said...

I blogged for ya Nancy! What a hard topic! my life is DULL! I must repeat everything 200 times!


Magpie (Jan Connair) said...

Sorry to hear about the shingles--that stinks! Will definitely pray for your Aunt Ouida. Hope things are soon looking up!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Wow Nancy ! what real sharing ! i rarely come across such so it's really nice to know & be able to empatize with you !

will try out this blog challenge & post after this !

Steph C said...

Hey Nancy! Sorry to hear you are dealing with the shingles again...hope they clear up quickly this time :).
I blogged your challenge on my blog. Hugs and many prayers for a fast recovery and for your aunt and your entire family. We just recently went through that, so completely understand.

Lucy (scrapperqueen) said...

my thoughts and prayers for your aunt and your family