Tuesday, June 26, 2007


WHEHEW we made it past to the next round of SCRAPBOOKING IDOL at SCRAPBOOK LIFESTYLE. Some friends and I (HEY BECKY, HEY LESLIE) entered this contest and it is getting harder and harder. I want to thank you all for voting for me I SOOO APPRECIATE IT! Got a few weeks left and IM SOOOO excited! Here is the page I did for the last round for any of you that didn't see.That is my nephew Adam and His girlfriend (in the center photo) and then some other buds of his from senior year. The photos are PERFECT for this line of paper and I will finish his album using the rest of it I got. Aren't they the cutest ever?
That is the Love Elsie line called ROXIE I used on this page. I had a great time coloring it in with my Sakura pens. Really made it stand out.

THe next round is gonna be a little harder. We have to use ribbon and we cant let it just lay across the page and we cant tie it in a bow. Soooo, we have to come up with some creative ways to put it on the layout. THIS is gonna be fun.

We had alot of fun this weekend at TREASURES TO SCRAP's birthday celebration crop. .
We had a few make and takes and they were SOOOOO much fun. I did the Deck of Me That I got from Annette's blog. She is just the cutest ever GO SEE HER BLOG and tell her HI! She does the cutest work.
She had been doing this aleady and had kept telling me about it. SO I FINALLY jumped on the band wagon. Each week we will update with a new page for it. SOOO MUCH FUN. IF YOU would like to participate. I will tell you how this week. We are starting a thread with it at Treasures and going to do it as a group. SO much fun!! Here is what we have done so far so If you want to join in GO ahead. BE SURE to post at treasures in the Gallery sow e can see what you have done.

Tracy did the CUTEST make and take on sunday called the WONDER BREAD BOOK. SHe had us all confused wondering what the heck she was getting us into when she told us we needed a slice of bread for the class. You can imagine the questions that arose from that. BUT this is the CUTEST little book and it was SOOOO much fun to make. IM not finished really with mine. I have a few more quotes I want to put in there and some photos. I also wanted to add some more embellishments. I was sooo tired though so I just stopped at that point. I will go back and add more later. If you would like to make one she has the instruction up at Treasures. Was such a fun class. If you decide to make it let us see what you come up with. I changed mine up some and did it as a quote book instead of the birthday calendar. some others made theirs different things as well. VERY CUTE. Take a look through the gallery you can see the different things we made. My best bud Robin, did a class on making beads out of paper. IT WAS SOOO CUTE. I haven't made mine yet I think I will wait till my girly girl BElla gets back home to do that. SHE WILL LOVE THIS.

I am missing my little bug so much. I am enjoying the quiet though maybe I can get well finally from these stupid shingles and get where I CAN SEE! (and hear) and be part of the world again. I know she is having so much fun with the family back home. I have talked to them every day hearing of her adventures. SHe is so funny. Can't wait to get some snuggles and smooches. I know they are all eating her up since they dont get to see her that often. THey have to get their Bella fix.
Well that is all for me tonight. IM going to head out and get this rest I am supposed to be doing and put these freaky drops in my eyes so maybe I CAN SEE in the daylight again. see ya tomorrow :)


scrapcat said...

what a fun blog!
love your work :)

Greta said...

congrats and remember to link me so WE can vote

Kimberly said...

Congrats chica!

Lisa said...

congrats!!! that's great! And thanks for the link to the deck of me - going to check it out! Glad you made the BG gallery - I just made it in there too!!!

Jen said...

CONGRATS! Love that layout with the Elsie products!

Anilu Magloire said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love your work!

micayla said...

Yay, you rock girl!!!
A big TOT to you!!!

Didi said...

You are so awesome girlie! LOVE all your work...so fun and creative....and this is when you are SUPPOSED to be resting!!!! ;)

your girl chelsea morning said...

hey sweets--yeah yeah, I'm a naughty blogger--I'm not as good as keepin up.
you're a busy busy girl, congrats on your good news.
great creations lately.
how did you know that I was on the bus tour? it was a good time!

NancyJones said...

YES I READ Your blog post hahaha YOU CRAZY WOMAN YOU