Sunday, June 17, 2007

OH CRAPP its fathers day

Fathers day had always been sad for me. A day I stayed under the covers and pretended didn't exist. I was so sad cuz my daddy had been taken from me the way he had. But now, Im still sad and always will be sad about that. But He would tell me to get on over it I have a husband and a beautiful little girl. THat LOVES her daddy to pieces and TO not spoil HIS day that he EARNED because he is now a daddy. SO trying to keep that in mind today. I still had a splitting headache but TRIED and did finally bounce over it. Bella was sooo happy it was FADDERS DAY and gave her dad some COLLOSSIAL cashews (his favorite) and some whoppers ( his other favorite) we were going to make him a card but she was so busy we never did so we are going to do that tomorrow. WE did make him a carrot cake that he wanted and some rice krispie treats. I had been sick the weeks before and I guess REALITY set in ohhhh THURSDAY that it was FATHERS DAY SUNDAY and I totally freaked. I had not prepared this year. SOO much had been going on and being sick and in bed so long really takes alot out of it. I hate I was not able to go shopping and get hime a really decent gift. BUt we will. I am still working on his book from last year but the photos just arent cuttin it. I have so many projects to catch up on.
I think he is ok with it though he said he was and NOW He can totally rag me out cuz I didnt do anything special this year. I may make him a surprise fathers day of his own one day next week. Maybe when I ever return to myself.. I can get soemthing great for him. OR when my book is published he will REALLY have cause to celebrate. YEAH yall better be nice to me YOU NEVER KNOW if a character in a book may appear in here. bwahahhaahaha in my most evil laugh. I have some pretty funny material so far. But enough comical stuff happens in my life that it really could be a book just write down the facts man.

So ON that note I wanted to close this day by telling my husband HOW MUCH I LOVE HIm and what a WONDERFUL daddy he truly is. Im so grateful to him and that me and Bella both have him.
I also wanna tell my dad somewhere in heaven, Happy fathers day, I miss you today and tomorrow and always.
SMooches and good night.


Eminepala said...

aw girl, how sad for you.. I totally forgot about fathersday too.. BAD ME... But my husband doesn't care about those days THANK GOD LOL


Steph C said...

Many hugs to you friend...can't imagine how hard that is. But you have such an amazing daughter and husband to support you and love you. And all of us online friends...Always willing to listen.
Hope this week looks up for you ;)

Anilu Magloire said...

Beautiful post. I'm teary eyed... Happy day for your hubby :)