Saturday, June 16, 2007


OK we have been TRYINGGGG to organize some so I have been presenting organization questions. SO what about you HOW do you organize your scrappin stuffs?
here is on of my most fav organizing things. My chipboard holders. I am a chipboard HO but you knew that already. I havent met much chipboard I didnt like. and If I couldnt find what I needed I made my own.

My father in law made me these AWESOME stamp shelves that I LOVE LOVE LOVE I store everything from my stamps to my huge paint collection on there also. I also have my tilted glass candy jars with all my buttons seperated by color on there as well as a few other things that i want to keep in my line of sight.
OK so show me some of your favorite organizing tricks. Ill throw your name in the hat for the rak.


Angel said...

OMG! Looks Great! Nah, Don't think I'll show you my workspace, after seeing yours! I love how you are organized... post more pics of your space!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

love all the organized stuff

Anonymous said...

cute idea.. I don't have a picture but I just use a basket for now... I think I am going to give your idea a try..

micayla said...

It looks great!! How many stamps do you have girl!!
As for organisation tips from me, sorry I have none! I am a messy scrapper and have a messy scrap room!!

Susan Blanton said...

Wow your room is looking really cool. Love those shelves.