Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BLog Challenge

Teri Lynn did our Blog challenge for us today THANK YOU TERI!!!!!
Same rules apply. Post a link in the Treasures to Scrap BLog challenge forum so we can add you to the drawing for the Rak this week.

SO my perfect normal day hmmmmmm. let seee.
With the state I am in right now... IT would be one that I had nothing wrong seriously as sad and pathetic as that sounds.. NOTHING hurt, nothing was out of sort in my body of any fashion. No pain anywhere. I could go outside with Bella and take her ANYWHERE we wanted to go that day, the park, the BEACH oh ID LOVE to go to the beach feel the sand between my toes, Lay in the sun oh man I misss that SOOOOO MUCHHHHHHH. We would dig for Shells me John and Bella, like we did that day when we got to go to Orange Beach (but without getting the shingles rofl) we would build sand castles. write our names in the sand and maybe fly Johns kite.
we would get to have a picnic lunch, and Come home maybe crash on the couch and just hang out for a while. I dunno.. this is hard for me cuz I have so many things I WANT and wish so badly I could do with her or do at all that I can't anymore. THings and places I want to go for her to experience that we all take for granted Like .. swimming or just outside in the summer.. that it is hard to think. BUT I know Id love to relive that day at the beach. We had so much fun. I got so sick but it was worth it in the end for the smiles on her face that day. ID give anything to be able to do that one more time at least while she is little.

What about you? what is your perfect day?


Greta said...

no family freaking drama...that's a perfect day...oneils family is whacks girl...whacks....
okay they are

Angel said...

Bella is such a doll!
I lOVE her hair! She makes great pictures! A natural!