Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 on a Tuesday

HEY guys.. I took yesterday off and didn't do a blog challenge, actually I didn't do alot of anything. sorry about that, but it was kinda a rough day yesterday. Still feel crappy and also yesterday was the funeral for my Aunt. I wasn't able to go due to the shingles and I can't drive yet hubby had a FULL from can to can't day of travel so I couldnt go, and also dont want to give it to anyone. I also really wasnt up to the long ride in wearing clothes that are errrr hard to wear right now rofl. we will just leave it at that. BUt I hate so much I missed it. I LOVE my Aunt Ouida so much and I will remember her smile and her laugh and her being an amazing cook and just one amazing woman forever. I will miss you so much. I do miss her so much.....

Bella had a tough day yesterday as well. She obviously decided it is SOOOOO time for her to be at the beach because she took it upon herself to build a sandcastle......... in the kitchen. when You cant find sand inside the house you settle for the next best thing, which in her case happened to be the spice rack. SO we had a mound of garlic, sugar, salt, flour, oregnao and lawrys seasoning salts up to my ankle. I was on the phone trying to take care of some business and was all in this professional conversation when I realised she was quiet and well YOU ALL know BELLA + Quiet = UGH OH. but, I also started smellin this peculiar smell I couldnt figure out what it was. At first I thought it smelled like we had a gas leak somewhere but then remembered Oh yeah we are all Electric..I checked the back door to make sure she hadn't gotten out by the gas grill nd turned a knob or anything, then kept walking around and it was smelling stronger and stronger. Then walked into the breakfast area and my feet felt grit. I was thinking Man I need to sweep and mop then LOOKED UP. O M GOSH. (She hasnt figured out yet to get RID OF THE EVIDENCE.. she makes the mess then leaves it.)

OMGOSH I had to count to like 2 THOUSAND to not damage the child. PLUS I was on the phone and still trying to keep my composure so they didnt think I was killing her or anything but giving her my best whisper " OMGOSH I KNOW YOU DIDNT, YOU better Oh girl I tell you I could just OHHHHHH Im gonna get you child you just wait... omgosh you better clean this up Icannot believe UGHHH! You should be so ashamed of yourself I CANNOT BELIEVE you omgosh LOOOK what you did" Speech trying to keep my composure. HER all the while TAUNTNG ME with "BUT MOMMY I JUST was playing" grrrrrrrr. so anyway. On top of still not feeling well the whole eye thing and all the other crapp.. had to clean. IT got even BETTER when John got home I think they had "schoolin" a few times. My head was about to split so I left them to it.
SO that was where I was yesterday and last evening haha

SO now that I bored you if your still with me...

SINCE IT IS THE 12th of the month...
I want you to blog about 12 reasons YOu have to be happy today.

POST them on your blog and BE SURE TO link back to the Treasures to scrap forum so we can be sure you get entered into the weekly drawing for a rak.

SPeaking of Treasures to scrap. WE had OUR BUSIEST DAY EVER yesterday. WE had more people logging on and posting and visiting the site THAN EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE SITE! WHHHHEEWWWHEWWWWWWWWW! we have an AWESOME contest going on looking for Guest design team members. WE also have SOME FUN CHALLENGES and CONTESTS going on SO be sure and check it out.

SO Here are my 12 things I have to be happy about today.

1. I feel a little better well alot better than this time last week, but a little better than I have felt in the last 2 weeks.
2. ITs not MONDAY.
3. That I can scrapbook if for no other reason but to show my daughter and family how much I love them (and show her proof she had a happy childhood when she is 25 and in therapy trying to say her childhood sucked)and for the internet to share it all with my family and my friends!
4. I am caught up in the gallery at tts well I was till now probably haha
5. I have a beautiful family that is healthy and happy
6. That I have the freedoms in this country that we all take so lightly and so much for granted.
7. I live where we dont have to worry about where our food is coming from or if our water is safe to drink (i watch way too much late night tv)
8 I have a very supportive amazing husband that loves me and I him.
9. That thank you God it is never as bad as it really seems at the time well most of the time..(see above paragraph .. sandcastle.. kitchen... nuff said!)
10 I HAVE AMAZING friends that are total rockstars and support and help me through the yuck times and celebrate the wheheeww times, that cheer me up when I feel so horribly bad I wanna just crawl in bed and die, but instead make me smile and laugh and forget the yucky stuff (shingles) if not but for a couple hours (I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!!!)
11. That I am saved today and every day when I wake up and when I go to bed Im still saved. Even though Im human and foolish I am still saved.
12. THAT I am here another day to play on this earth and see and smell touch all of the wonderful things that have been given to me. FOR which I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL and FOR ALL OF YOU that are reading this RIGHT NOW SMOOOCHES!
OH and Just ONE MORE real real important one :;smiles:: KARMA ::smiles::

Sooooo what are yours? come on quit lurking and post em, LINK US BACK SO WE CAN SEEEEEEEE :)


Anilu Magloire said...

Yikes!! I know about those "I'll take advantage of Mommy being on the phone" ... Too funny!

Sorry about your aunt and not being able to go to the funeral. As long as you remember her, she'll be alive in your heart :)

Greta said...

{{{{{{{hugs nancy}}}}}}}
:snort: Karma :snort: bwhahahah

Betinha Gollino said...

wow, lovely challenge! I am IN!! I hope have time to.... :o)

Maisymary's Findings said...

Our deepest sympathy about the loss of your Aunt , Nancy !

Hope your shingles get better this week !

& your Bella little belle ! my what a handful ole grrl ! lol

Hang in there ! You are definitely more than a survivor - I still remember your post frm last week ! lol

hugs, Pearl

Megan said...

Still sending comfort prayers to you Nancy. I know how hard this loss has been on you. LOVE your 12 list today! Thanks!!!