Friday, June 08, 2007


HEy you guys how are you all doing today? I think I am better actually. Still hurt like crazy and feel so tired but better i think. I would like to ask you all to continue praying for our Aunt Ouida. SHe is at home now resting peacefully as far As I know. I have not been able to reach anyone today for an update. last news I got was they had taken her off all the machines and sent her home. SO continue to pray for her please.

My pal Greta gave me a heads up on noel's blog. SHe has a cool contest going on. WIth some fabulous prizes to win! SO TODAY I will use that as part of our blog challenge. CHECK IT OUT and THE other challnege I have for you today. GO COMMENT ON the persons blog before you. one person will comment on this blog. then you go comment on THeir blog.. the next person to comment here then comments on the person above their name and so forth. LIKE A TRAIN. SO LETS GET THE LOVIN GOING!!! Share the love this friday and leave lovin on the blogs.

DONT FORGET TO GO VOTE FOR ME (How is that for pimpin' yall?) in THE SCRAPBOOK IDOL CONTEST. I really appreciate your votes You all are ROCK STARS!!!!. HERE is the link. YOu do have to register but it is quick easy and painless. THank you again my blog pals!! YOu can see all the pages that entered HERE. IT works just like AMerican Idol and we are supposed to "pimp" to get votes soo.. I guess I need to pull out the bling huh? (hush Robin and Di)

Don't forget to link when your done with your challenge to the TREASURES TO SCRAP blog challenge thread so You can get your name in the drawing for cool prize raks!!


Dawn said...

Great challenges! since there is no one before me I guess this couns as my comment! woohoo - I already have ideas swirling through my head for Noel's challenge

Megan said...

Fun Train Challenge! :) I commented on Dawns!!

Abby said...

This is a great challenge! I just enjoyed reading Megan's blog ... and leaving a comment! :)

Robin said...

what a great idea! thank you for the headsup on the challengrs


Laura Fiore said...

Nancy--so sorry to hear about your aunt, and that you can't be near the family for support. They'll understand, and thank you for that quiet support from home!

Good luck on the scrappin idol contest! You ROCK girly!!!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

going to check out the challenge and update my blog!!! great job chicka!!!
luv your gutz!!!
Hi BELLA!!!!!