Friday, June 01, 2007


I got it off THE SCRAPBOOK LADY'S blog. (she rocks)

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
I read alot of "I love you stinky face" to Bella (one of her FAVORITE books) I read alot of Joyce Meyer and Im reading Positve thoughts for Positive energy.

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?OK Im a tv addict on some shows. I REALLY like the new show "The Starter Wife" Watched that last night. I LOVED the movie DE JA VUE with Denzel Washington in it. IS pretty gory for my taste had to turm my head alot but it was one of those like a train wreck you can't stop watching it for nothing.
The other one was

Apocalypto (I KNOW I SPEELLED THAT WRONG) directed by Mel GIbson. It is a subtitle movie but I have to watch my movies with subtitles since I cant hear any more. IT was a VERY STRANNNNGEEEE Movie but one that we just couldnt stop watching again like a train wreck. But we scratched our heads going OOOOOOOOk by the time it was over.

Catch and Release- has jennifer Garner in it oh it was sooo good.
I think those are the ones That stood out as good or weird this month.
LOST was SOOO GOOD all the season finale's I watched, Jericho, Desperate housewives, HOUSE, ER, did I mention LOST (LOVE that show) GREYS ANATOMY (wow) AMERICAN IDOL WHEHEEW just knew Jordin was gonna get it!!

What special days did I celebrate and how?

WE got to go to PLAY GROUP.. SOOOO MUCH FUN! BElla loves to play with those kids so much and we have some very special friends there. WE dont get to go as much as we want to cuz well.. Yall all know I don't get to get out alot but When we do IT IS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! SHe loves going and we have a big time.
My nephew also Graduated for school and received a TON OF AWARDS. ADAM I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Well I dont think I have to mention much about that cuz well YALL all Know I have lupus, and that I ended up While I was working and taking the treatments contracted shingles from it. NOW it will NOT STAY GONE.. we have tried many drug therapies and Im even trying natural stuff now too. SUN seems to be a HUGE contributer to lupus and then the shingels get all fired up. SO I have to either contact nasa for the space suit or just tough it out. I feel so bad for Bella and so guilty not being able to do with her like I wish I could. We have fun though and she plays with her friend eva at LEAST 3 times a week. And most saturdays. That helps SOOO much she loves her Eva to pieces.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?

WE went to play group several times. WE always have fun with that when we get to go.
Played with Eva.
John did go out of town 2 weeks to college station Texas for training.
Mom came some while he was gone.
I got to see GRETA AND ELIZABETH That was soo much fun (talk about trying to set up a camera to take a photo that was hysterical. HEre is the FUNNY PHOTO:

WE had alot of FUN at TREASURES TO SCRAP this month. Had alot of updates on the site (thank you CHRIS and WENDI and TRACY) the site is coming along... slowly but surely. SO much excitement happnign there.

my pal Jeanette FINALLY had her dreams come true and the site launched this month for SIS TV. IT is sooo exciting. Her first designer is the fabulous KELLI CROWE. IF you havent seen it GO LOOK! Jeanette is so sweet. I met her through some blog challenges when I First got my blog and we have emailed back and forth on and off ever since. SHe is an incredible person.

I GOT SOME AWESOME PAGES PUBLISHED! THe pages I worked so hard on a few months ago and almost landed myself in an institution haha for crying so much came through. I had some pages requested for a book by my pal JAMIE THARPE for a book she was doing about how to memorialise the ones we ahve lost but still love. SO she and many friends pretty much held my hand and suffered through with me locked in my scrap room for 2 weeks getting these pages done and THEY GOT PUBLISHED IN THE BOOK!
I also had another page on my dad a tribute page published by scrapbook trends
and had 6 pages come out in Hobby lobbys creative concepts magazine. SO alot of Things happning and alot of progress. Im so proud of those pages of my dad and so happy you thought of me Jamie. ::squeezes::

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?Can't say I TRIED any but Hubby came home telling me about DEEP FRIED BACON (Stacey tell me more about this one) its a place in College station that litterally BATTERS and DEEP FRIES BACON! I could feel my arteries clog just from the description. But hubby said it was AWESOME (but he likes weird stuff to eat too so I dont always depend on that one BUT I LOVE me some bacon.

What special or unusual purchases did I make? OH MAN the ups, fed ex, uspc, and dhl people have been making regular visits to our house... but the biggest one was a new dryer. YEAH everything seems to tear up when your hubby goes out of town. so I had to get a dryer. He said I did good. My neighbor THANK YOU DAVID helped me go get it and hook it up I owe him and his wife supper.
I got alot of scrappy stuff. I cant even begin to list it all. SOme basic grey some ki, some scenic route (THE NEW KELLI CROWE LIMITED EDITION KIT FROM SIS TV OMG) some new sei, soem american crafts, urban lilly stuffs, some creative imaginations I just love the new dcwv stuff, a ton of chipboard (yeah im a chipboard ho) did I MENTION BLING YES I AM THE BLING QUEEN (shut up robin) I got all my new dt stuff for the next 3months that box WAS LOADEDDDDDDDD with around the block, adorn it, and karen foster, I also got all the new prima sprites, the whispers and the lilly shape ones with the chipboard, some chalk and paints, LIKE I said it has been a GREAT scrappy month!!!!

What were this month's disappointments?

DId I mention John had to go out of town 2 weeks but that was a good thing for his career but we missed him soooo much. BUT ALSO the dryer and the air conditioner went out but IT was fixed and we got a new dryer so that all turned out good.

What were my accomplishments this month?
I got those layouts pubbed and I have some more things in the work I cant mention yet SO EXCITING. I entered some contests one that starts like NOW.. and one that i didnt win but I made the top final 10 which is a huge accomplishment if you had SEEEN HOW many people entered.
I got to meet Greta and Elizabeth.
I learned just how strong I really am. How I can depend on me and persevere.
I worked my butt off On Treasures to Scrap despite being sick and John being out of town that is a BIG accomplishment. Got all my responsibilites done.

I got my layouts for may done for our sponsor CRAF T and I did an article for the newsletter.

NOW your challenge is to roundup your memories for MAY, Be sure to link us on TREASURES in the BLOG CHALLENGE SECTION. The drawing will be once a week (on SUNDAY EVENING) for a rak - You have to participate to win. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING GUYS. IF you just want to do the challenges that is ok too. I challenge everyone so what are you waiting on! OH I FORGOT heheh THere is more


BE SURE AND STOP BY TREASURES TO SCRAP TODAY. We have a new contest coming out that is going to be so much fun and YOU CAN WIN GUEST DESIGN TEAM SPOTS! YES and let me tell you, WE GET SOOOO SPOILED on this team with product and the friendship we have! I am SOOOOO blessed and Happy to be chosen to be on this team.


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

whohoooo great challenge gal... love to visit your blog everyday!!! makes me happy to have such a great friend like you!!!

heather g. said...

DUDE I AM SOOO THERE! I'd love to guest DT an a team that HAS YOU ON IT GIRLIE!!! :D gonna check it out maybe sometime this weekend...


Dawn said...

what a fun filled month! Love the challenge! thank ya

Anilu Magloire said...

Love those Q&A :)

Eminepala said...

Congrats on getting pubbed.. What a great challenge

BTW: yes, your DD's pic is awesome for some bling bling LOL


G.G. said...

Your creations are fabulous!