Thursday, July 20, 2006

"insert picture of person pulling hair out here~~~>"

SO thought today was gonna be a great day ... IT was a good day. BUT I had to go grocery shopping. IT was great to get out of this dadgum house but OMGawesh wore me slam out and I have Bella bug with me..... she dumped well not dumped but Ok

Her version: "Mommayeeeeee!!!!!, miltfate jump to all oberBelda!" translation: Mommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! milkshake jumped all over Bella"

My Version: She squeezed her milkshake cup and it exploded No other word to explain it.

It was chocolate. This lady looked at me like I squished it out of her! she was like OH MY GOSH and took off the other way. I wanted to say " WHAT you havent seen a kid explode before? " So needless to say.. I had brought extra big girl panties just in case and a pair of shorts but not a shirt and socks and shoes.... so i had to buy her another shirt (she is so smart I wanna try this to get new clothes... wouldnt work John would make me wear them) and socks... I wiped off the shoes NICE TRY BELLA. WE all know your a shoe hog honey!

So we get out of Wal mart. Get to target... Yeah we have gift cards again.. Its confusing I know but John gets gift cards instead of bonus checks It is good SOMETIMES but we dont get gift cards to but certain places and wal mart ISNT on the list grrrr and some things Oh and I was gonna run by the lss cuz I have a ton of stuff to drop off but It was raining like crazy. Bella was SCREAMING cuz it was raining. I thought to myself YA KNOW if I had ANY food at my house I would just go home. BUT no... WE continue on our journey the great hunt for food. Get in target. What does she do.... DUMPS an entire display of deoderant stuff like female deoderant spray. I was like GREAT thanks. She said "Bella WAS JUST FIXING IT MOMMY" I thought Yeahhhh you fixed it alright. The lady just smiled at me KNOWING she wanted to hurl something at us. BUT I MADE Bella help her pick it up. I think that annoyed the lady but I wanted this to be a learning experience. Yes MEAN mommy for making her pick it up. BUT IM so tired of her doing this. We get our groceries I look Bella has an OPENED capri sun lemonade in her hand sipping away. Im thinking... Ok I know Im tired but did I give her that. I look in the buggy and there is a box of them... opened. WHILE I was on my hands and knees trying to get the LAST jug of white cranberry/apple juice off the bottom shelf in the VERY VERY VERY back. I had pushed the buggy all the way on the isle over so this dude could get by. I guess she proceeded to partake at that point... HOW I Missed the opened box though i was like OK I guess we are getting that. I WAS ACTUALLY thanking GOD that it was a new one and she hadnt stolen it from some kid or taken if God forbid Out of the garbage you know how people just set stuff down. UGHHh the horror. SO we talked about how that was a bad thing and not to do that blah blah blah.... Well she had a perfect potty day for a few days straight so I promised her we would get her some special paint. (color wonder the kind that doesnt mess up everything on earth when she uses it) and she remembers this of course. I JUST KNEW she would throw a fit for the cinderella one but I told her ONLY ONE you can choose ONE. She picked the most sensible set. The one that had the markers the paints and three books in it. I was like ROCKIN! There is a brain in there. I asked her why she chose this one she said" well mommmy bella see tindewelda on dat one but no cudors and dis one wight heyah has cudors in it" I was like oh ok. seems logical enough to me. WE GET HOME. Johns had gotten a grill for fathers day from his parents and he picked it up today and was putting it together. (layout to come on that) the thing said ASSEMBLY TIME 15 MINUTES..... 3 hours later I asked him HOWZ THIS WORKIN FOR YOU..has it been 15 minutes yet ? he growled at me. I guess he didnt see the humor in it. SO I took Bella back inside (to save her life) Bella said mommy? Daddy not in a dood MOOD is he? I said No baby daddy is trying to put things together we never talk to daddy when he is doing that. SHe said just like she knew what I was meaning "OH!" like HOW could I forget that! They called from the dr office to set up my surgery seems that the insurance company doesn't want it to be at one hospital so they may ahve to do it at another? (that so makes NO sense to me) anyway the chic was pretty ticked and was trying to get some number off my card so she could fight with em so I was like "givem hell sista" and hung up. glad it was her not me.
SO that was our eventfull day.... Gonna go finish this project for scrappychic mag. and go lay my tired butt down! and whehwhew tomorrow is Friday!!


*Jeanne* said...

Did you notice what else is new on your blog??? You might want to look around... got your links up!

Just reading this.. wears me out. Whew... long day.. At least you were out and about. She is just too darn cute!

NancyJones said...

I saw that jeanne YOU ROCK SISTA!!! I need to add teri lynns to it before she brains me ROFLMBO I think I can do that I will just copy paste DONT WORRY I WILL HIT PREVIEW and not DELETE anything like mini me (good lord that was fun)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Poor Nancy! Shopping with a toddler is never a good idea.
How does she like her paints? Love those.

NancyJones said...

I know but what was I gonna do leave her home rofl. I knew better esp with what all I got going on. BUT, oh well... THIS IS why I have stayed home well besides the bein sick part but It just nerves me out. BE glad when all this is over.

tspwlv said...

I've learned the hard way that running multiple errands with a toddler is never a good idea. Also learned that the first stop at Target is the foos court. A bag of popcorn or Goldfish gets me through practically the whole store, Of course, a smart mom would bring her own Goldfish, but that's not me!

motobarbie said...

Welcome to the world of shopping with a toddler. It is always such a fun experience, LOL

OneScrappyChick said...

oh lord.. is she 3? I hated 3.. so much worse than 2 IMO. At least you felt good enough to get out though!!!

OneScrappyChick said...

oh lord.. is she 3? I hated 3.. so much worse than 2 IMO. At least you felt good enough to get out though!!!

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