Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I got tagged here we go

7 People I admire

1. My mom 2. My brother 3. My husband 4. my mother in law 5. Deanna kroll 6. Jeanne (look at my blog man!) 7. oh last one... my neighbor Diane Carter I could keep going and going on this question!

7 things I say often:

1. Do you need to potty? 2. Did you wash your hands and flush? 3. I love you. 4. STOP PLEASE! 5. OH my GOodnes 6. That is so stinkin'.... (fill in blank with cute, cool, precious, etc) 7. BELLA COME HERE!!!!!NOW!!! HERE! NOWWWW! DONT MAKE ME GET UP!!!

7 things I cannot do:

1. go like I want to shopping and traveling and etc 2. Write pretty 3. See my feet (prednisone need I say more) 4. keep up with my kid from dawn till dark (wears me slam out) 5. eat shellfish Im allergic 6. paint like my mother 7. add or do any kind of math to save my life (checkboook is out for me )

7 things you might not know about me

1. I eat black eyed peas with my spaghetti 2. I used to be a cheerleader and did tumbling could jump straight up in the air and touch my toes ROFL not anymore the thought makes me cringe 3. I won beauty in my highschool 10th grade homecoming pagent. 4. I know the entire alphabet in sign language 5. I used to be able to get in the sun and had a nice tan. 6. I used to barrell race horses and rodeo. 7. I lived in the same town most of my entire life until I moved to Alabama at 34.

7 Movies I enjoy

McClintock (john wayne) 2. Demolition man 3. Independence day 4. The Thomas Crowne affair 5.After the sunset 6. SOmething to talk about 7. My best friends wedding

7 things I wish I could change in my life

1. The last 6 months ughhh! 2. My health 3. I want to work full time like a normal person without getting sick all the time. 4. august 28th, 2005 12 :18 pm the moment my daddy was killed. 5. I would have prayed for God to open my eyes sooner. 6. I would have taken better care of my body when I was younger 7. I would be more involved in church.

7 books I have read and would read again

I dont read THAT many books anymore... but :

1. Purpose driven life. 2. Beth moore power of the praying wife 3. THe price of privelge (highly recomend this!) 4.myths lies and downright stupidity 5. what your dr's dont want you to know 6. anything erma bombeck 7. the lupus handbook

7 people who should do seven : (doesnt have to be the same 7) hahaha this is where i get yall

Kim (scraptomylu) 2. Teri-lynn (is gonna kill me) 3. Jeanne (how could I forget you dear. 4. Motobarbie youll do it wont you? 5. jaci (i think you already did) 6. Momto3boys ~ lissa :) 7. If your reading this and have a blog THEN TAG YOUR IT!


*Jeanne* said...

Ha! I already did this one... teehee

motobarbie said...

I did this one already sorry but thanks for the tag

NancyJones said...

COOOL do it again rofl

Susie said...

Love your answers, purpose driven life, good book, also Beth Moore awesome author and speaker!!!!

Scrappytbear said...

consider yourself killed.