Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I just gotta say

HOW MUCH my friend Jeanne ROCKS! Look at my site LOOK LQQQQQK at it!!!!!!! are ya lookin? She did such an amazing job. See mini me.. lil bit.. bug... fart blossom ok also known as BELLA, FIXED It for me in the first place. I had to run out of the room for something I cannot remember what now probly the phone and I come back... there are screens up on my computer I have never in my entire life seen before. WEll she deleted most of my blog and added stuff that I have no clue how it got there my type was reversed (how in the world she did that I wish I knew cuz well it was kinda cool but anyway)I worked for like 18 hours I mean I DIDNT sleep to get my blog back to it was yesterday. My friend Jeanne who has been really sick mind you cuz she fell on her dog and busted her FACE.. yeah long story but you can look at my links and see CROSSROADS and click there read all 'bout it. ANYWAY... SHE TOTALLY fixed my blog CONCUSSION AND ALL. NOW that is a true friend. SHE IS THE BOM DIG ITY! Lovin Jeanne! SO yall all go BOMBARD her blog and tell her sweet stuff cuz she has been feelin crappy but still helped out a friend in need. HOW Much does that rock! I will put a picture up later my camera battery is sooooo dead been doing a photo shoot for the trey I made. You can see it later. Maybe.. if your good hehehehe (keep fingers crossed lynette likes it) please GOD OH pleaSE!

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*Jeanne* said...

Awwwwwwwe Shucks! I am really loving the green. You are more than Welcome N!