Friday, August 04, 2006


Jeanne Inspired me so much with her page she did I had to do one too. I love this technique so much but I DONT THINK I WILL be doing alot of them since it hurts ya hands so much ahahahaha
I am so JEALIN OVER JEANNE'S stash and hanging out with DONNA TODAY! Man none of the cool people ever come down here! REckon Im gonna just have to come to them!! LOVIN that cosmo cricket wanted to jump through the phone and snatch those flourishes up from her too! Check out her photos and stash on her blog (its the crossroads ~~~~~~~~>over there under my blog links.) THey looked like they had soooo much fun! SO while the dr is sawing me in half I will be dreaming about all the beautiful goodies she is sitting there scrapping with... ::Insert the sad violin music here:: NO it is ok that I will not be able to scrap and suffer in silence I will put my adhesive under my pillow so I will ahve sweet dreams while they RIP OUT MY INNARDS.... ::harp soloist plays here:: its ok I will manage I know I will survive and scrap again ::overture with flutes in the background resumes:: I know this will not keep ....::music halts:: OK OK YEAH I KNOW ABOUT MY DOG STORY I WROTE IT REMEMBER. hahahahah Just pokin a little fun at ya Jeans!! I cannot WAIT to see what you create with it and say Hi to DONNA for me I have SO scraplifted I mean used her books for inspiration a million times She rocks big time! OK I need to go see if these pizza rolls have anything Im allergic to in them Hubby had a cheesy grin when he served them to me. hehahaha. HAVE FUN!! KEEP SCRAPPIN or as bella says DEEP CRAPPIN!


*Elise* said...

Great LO Nancy! I'm really kicking myself now for not getting the kit with those papers! LOL I've also been over drooling at Jeanne's new stash.

*Jeanne* said...

That layout is gorgeous Nancy! You really did an gorgeous job! You inspire me in many ways too! You are too funny about my day, stash, and spending time with Donna. Does it count that you were there in spirit? I did think of you!


Susie said...

Gorgeous job!!! Just the perfect scraplift ever

Jaci said...

Beautiful job Nancy! Definitely a "submitter"! :)