Saturday, August 05, 2006

the countdown is on..

Bella has gone to her "Aunt Wiz's hoyews" (how she says it) she was so excited. Here she is getting ready love that wrinkly nose.
I was going to work in my scrap room, organizing today and getting projects finished but woke up to a nasty headache and nauseau. Hubby wanted me to ride with him to Mississippi to take Bella, and I ussually don't pass up the chance since there are some awesome scrapbook stores up there, but my rear didnt feel that those rough roads for 3 hours one way and coming back tonight would work esp since I wasnt feeling well. So instead I have held the bed down once again. This elsucko's but I KNOW soon I will feel like a million dollars and be scrappin like a mad woman. So have a good saturday and dont forget to brush your teeth. (Bella's parting words when she left this morning lol I tell her that every morning before she leaves so I told her 5 times since she was going to be at Aunt liz's all week. I got 5 hugs and kisses too and a couple extra just cuz!)


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Very very cute photo of Bella!
I hope you feel better. Tomorrow's the day! I'll be thinking about you.

twistedsoda said...

"feel like a million dollars and be scrappin like a mad woman" the best quote of today, aren't all scrappers mad women...heheheh! Love the photo and the oh so cute wrinkly nose!