Monday, April 23, 2007

MY baby aint a baby no more!

MY little baby girl is not a baby anymore she is the whopping 4 years old! AHHHHH! SHe is such a little girl now. SHe had so much fun this weekend with Eva at her litlte party and then today we went to toys r us shopping and spent her gift cards she got. SHe HAD A BLAST. SHe was throwing stuff in the buggy like we were millionaires. I was taking it out as fast as she put it in hahaha. SHe did load up on barbie stuff though! SHe got alot of art things and some clothes CUTE CUTE clothes.

DONT YOU JUST LOOVE THE PRINCE ON THE CAKE... "I will swim through the Sea of Green frosting KNEE deep even to proclaim my love for cinderella" (The look on the princess cinderellas face isnt too happy either isnt it.. You would think they would be happier.. OH well haha! I thought that was so funny... must be the medication they have me on .. sorry)

She had SOOO MUCH FUN!!!
OFf to do a photo shoot I will be back with some fun photos tomorrowwww hehehe!


Di Hickman said...

happy birthday bella bug!!!
lovely pics! pity family couldn't be there!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

maybe you should have tried the barbie jeep again. :)

Joanne Bain said...

sending a big Happy Birthday to to your beautiful daughter. Loving the pics and the cake is amazing.
Best Wishes

dawn said...

Nancy, where are you LOL... missing you. Many happy returns to the birthday girl - they do grow up way too quickly. Have a wonderful day :D

elizabeth said...

okay, now i see that your lil bella is four too!!!

we have got to meet and let our lil bella-boos play together while we

they can play cinderella

big hugs!