Friday, April 20, 2007


WEnt back to the dr today he said he thinks IM GONNA MAKE IT haha. HEY we were a little concerned there for a bit. With all the stuff we have going on right now, he decided to keep me on this medication for a while to clear the shingles out of my system. I also have to watch my blood pressure it is going up and down.
Nothing that can't hopefully be controlled easily. Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers and concerns they are so appreciated. I have so much to catch up on!

This weekend is my baby girl's 4th Birthday. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! WHO TOOK THE BRICK OFF HER HEAD! SHe is not allowed to grow up! I just cannot believe she is 4. Seems like she should still be this tiny wriggly thing that just yells all the time.. oh wait she still does that she is just not tiny anymore.
She is so excited about her party. SHe is especially excited about her cake and pinata. SHe is going to have so much fun. Happy day before your birthday sweet pea. WE love you so much! You have been a blessing these last 4 years and we cannot wait to watch you grow up.

IT is going to be SO MUCH FUN! LOTS Of prizes to give away and lots of pages to be scrapped. We are focusing on SPRING CLEANING. We have all kinds of fun things planned so BE SURE AND CHECK IT OUT!

I got some more good news. I have 4 more pages going in creating keepsakes magazine (hobby lobby's premiere magazine) I have so enjoyed designing with them this year, and am excited to be on for another year.
I managed to stay in the contest at scrapstreet. I don't even remember making my project for my class. THey have had me on so much crazy medication the last few weeks but I didnt want to forfeit, Definitly dont want to let my partners down. SO FAR so good still in the run off. SO go cheer for me and Di.


Nicole said...

you've been tagged

Steph C said...

Yeah!!! So glad to hear the doctor thinks you are going to make it (hehe). Wow, Happy Bday Miss Bella!!
My baby girl is going to be 15 this year, and is 5'8"...I highly recommend switching from a brick to a cinder block :)
Glad to see you back friend!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

So so glad you are feeling better! I miss you on AIM. What's this toot? Hobby Lobby will be IN the CK?
Good job!