Monday, April 30, 2007


SO what do you want first the good news or the bad news????
HUH? well if you want the good news first... keep readin. IF YOU want the bad news first.. skip down to where it says *bad news.


MY blog is up to 52 in the top scrapbook blogs YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! That is totally all because of you guys who read my blog. Thanks SO MUCH!
THis blog originated because we moved to ALabama with the baby (as if we would leave her behind ya know) and all my family is there and JOhns family is well.. ALL OVER THE GLOBE! SO it just made it easier for family to check here for new photos of the baby and see what all was going on instead of sending out 5 milliion emails. SO it has kinda grown from there.

SO .. THe bad news..
WHich IM sure alot of you will be going HUH? and what.. but it is kinda a big deal well NOT Really but I worked hard.

I was in a scrap contest at scrapstreet. I got all the way to the finals man SOOO CLOSE. BUT didnt win the contest. :( I know I know. BUT IT is ok cuz some AMAZING people won and they rock outloud so it is totally ok. No worries. I LOVE the pages I made and had sooo much fun, was greatly challenged. BUT a little good out of it. NOW I can post my layouts I did.
SO here they are for you to see :) I also want to thank all my pals for cheering me on and supporting me and helping critique my work so I could better it. YALL ARE SUPERSTARS!!

so here we go

This layout was based on the EBAY commercial WHAT IS YOUR "IT" I chose Bella and how she smiles at me as My it. I used My minds eye papers and lots of buttons and embellies. was sooo much fun!

This one was a numbers challenge. We had to use 3 different numbers on a layout. I used SEI WINNIES WALLS for my paper choices (MY FAVORITE PAPER EVER)

THis one was more of a freestyle challenge. MY FAVORITE style of scrapping :)
I LOVEd these photos of BElla sooo much. I got the idea for the butterflys from my pal CAROLE. SHe had done some on an older page I saw a while back and I remembered them and how perfect it would be. My tiny dancer and the little butterflys look like they are fluttering with her around her. Carole is such an inspiration if you havent seen her blog BY ALL MEANS RUN GO LOOK SHE IS AMAZING!!! I used more My minds eye products on thsi as well. I LOVE the colors and the fun themes of their papers they have out. I use the stew out of them!

and my last page.

THIS Page was SOOOOOOOO much fun! I LOVE these photos of Bella bug. she is such a sassy thing. I had to write an article as well which KIM JOHNSON gave me a QUICK OVER VIEW on how to digi scrap ROFL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE KIM. AND I also got my Friend Leslie to critique me and give me some feed back on my page. SHE Is a superstar! (dont even blush you KNOW YOU ARE GIRL)
I used paper Studios pp for this and all kinds of fun bling!


elizabeth said...

lo's are friggin' awesome and big congrats on the 52!!! that is awesome!!

note to self: enough of the friggin' "awesomes" :)

Greta said...

Bwhahaha at go girl rock these blogs show em who's yo momma baybeeee!!!!

Fabu layouts

jan williams said...

These are soooo damn awesome!!!!! I love these girl....

Peggy said...


Your layouts are AMAZING!!!! When I grow up I wanna scrap just like you!!!

NancyJones said...


Steph C said...

Congrats on both Nancy! I see the "bad news" as good news too...I have never had the guts to get into a contest, and you also learned some things along the way. Bravo!!!!

Adriann said...

All very beautiful. My all time favorite is "IT." I love the color choice and your model. Well... She's just perfect!

Angela said...

What do you mean you didn't win?? Those layouts are AWESOME, Nancy!

Hope you are feeling better. I've been missing your funny-self!!

Chelsea said...

You shoulda won Nancy! Your layouts rock!!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

The layouts are gorgeous!!!