Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blah blah blah

SOrry not posting alot today. I have flippin' shingles again. on my right ear (as usual) and at the corner of my right eye... goin to the eye dr at 2 hoping they will give me those drops that numb it. Happy EASTER HUH! This too shall pass. It actually doesn't hurt that bad this time but I still had some of my pain med from last time and the anti viral stuff. FUnny story.. We went to the pharmacy to fill the antiviral last night and the pharmacy was passing out... STAPLERS...??? yeah that is what I said. Staplers. You know cuz when you think of going to the pharmacy you IMMEDIATLY THINK OMGOSH WHERE IS MY STAPLER! anyway some of the medicine reps had made a ton of them so they were passing them out to customers. SO Now i have a prettty BLue stapler that has ACIPHEX on the top of it... too bad it wasnt orange or pink to match my scrap room hahaa. Im so kidding. I guess for the 200 a month we spend I should be thankful for my stapler so I will not make much fun of it. Just thought iw as funny.

OK so here is a thingy I made a while back thank GOD. FOr my THIS month projects at TREASURES TO SCRAP where IM on the Design Team. I made this from a granola bar box. THe papers and supplies came from the kit.

IT wasnt hard at all. I PROMISE. You just glue the top back together after you take all the granola bars out. THEN take your exacto knife and cut the top of the box like an inch or so down ALL THE WAY AROUND. THEN take wide clear tape or masking tape even duct tape woudl be fine because you will cover it with paint. You tape it on the OUTSIDE on ONE SIDE and THE INSIDE ONT HE SAME SIDE. SO the top opens and shuts. decorate with your papers and embelishments. you can make you a closure as I did out of chipboard and brads. then you can fill it with matching cards. THIS makes a fun gift for anyone.

oh MY COUNTERTOP IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY. John is gone to pick it up RIGHT NOW. My mother is coming in the morning to help me out with Bella and celebrate Easter. SHingles are so not fun and just in my way right now. I keep saying THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Thank GOD it isnt as bad as it has been in the past. Still cant get out around in the sun and stuff. Hope you have a wonderful THursday. ANd If I dont see yall again through the weekend. A VERY HAPPY EASTER.


Dawn said...

way cute project Nancy! and I happen to have a granola box! I am sorry about the shingles! i cna not even imagine. hope you feel musch better soon!

Sassette said...

Oh Nancy what a great recycle project!!! Awesome job...too cute!

I am so sorry about the shingles girl...wish there was something I could do to help you! Hang in there girl!

Trish said...

I love that you used a granola box - it's awesome!!

I am sorry you are not feeling well. I've heard shingles is awfully painful. I hope you get well real soon!!


Becky said...

beautiful work darlin.
Hugs...PS..check out my've been tagged :D

Vicky said...

That is a neat project. How do you get the papers to stick so well...that is something I have trouble with. Sorry to hear about the shingles...I know they can be very painful!

Chemo Mom Tammy said...

Hey Nancy - It's Tammy - I have run into you all those times at Hobby Lobby with my daughter, the cancer patient! Please send me your email - I want to beg your help with something!