Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Praying you and yours have a very happy Easter. AND REMEMBER the reason for this holiday!
THe Easter BUnny was really good to bella. SHe got alot of pretty things and fun videos in her basket. HER facorite thing was a big white chocolate bunny and the eggs that have the candy in them that have like dora or sponge bob on them. THE easter bunny even PUT Coins in some of the other eggs for her to put in her piggy bank. She got hair dodads and her favorite candies.
I will show photos when I feel better.
John cooked a big nice lunch for us. WE had gotten a ham and all the fixings and I felt so bad cuz I didnt get to do any of it.:(
I spent most of it in bed. I think the shingles either are on that nerve in my ear that connects to your throat or there are some actually in my throat I feel like lcers in there but dunno. anyway running fever and jsut feel like crapp. I didnt go to our annual Easter egg hunt across the street because Amy (eva's mom) has never had chicken pox/shingels) So I coudlnt be around her but also they all have colds and I can catch that easy right now. SO i just stayed home and slept. THe good news from this is the weight is falling off. BUT I KNOW as soon as they pop me with the steroid it will come back.

SO I hope You all had a WONDERFUL EASTER HOLIDAY. and many blessed days to come.


Steph C said...

I am so sorry you had to be sick for Easter :( Never fun to be sick. I hope you are feeling better real soon!
Glad to hear despite the illness that you had a good holiday with the gorgeous Princess and Dh.
Feel better soon!

Vicky said...

Ohhhh, I feel so bad for you Nancy...really hoping you feel better soon. Bella sounds pleased with ther easter stuff, great!

dawn said...

Sending you get well wishes Nancy - hope you're soon feeling much better - and able to enjoy the chocolate eggs :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

happy Easter to you too!
Hey, I started a new highlights a creative blog every day and I picked you for my debut.

Go check it out.

Send me one of your layouts so I can post it.