Saturday, April 28, 2007

WE call this PROGRESS

I got all my paints put up and organized on my stamp shelves.I Reworked my stamps up there today.

AND I got more of my chipboard put away and sorted. Also some embellies put away in the little drawers. WHEHEW WE are making progress people!!

WHAT ARE YOU GETTING DONE TODAY, Get your organizing and cleaning your scrap room done? TELL ME!


Chelsea said...

Nancy Jones....your blog is Smokin' HOT! Love Bella in the header and look at your scrap room gettin' done!

Steph C said...

Looks Fab!! I am working on mine as well...check my site for an in-progress photo soon.

Greta said...

oh lord girl i cannot even imagine all that space for organization...i will break down a take a pic of my will have you craken up fo' sho!!