Saturday, April 28, 2007


Adriann tagged me so here goes (HEHE)

7 little known facts about me.. hmmm whats not to know. SINCE Everyone loves to talk about me (eyeroll) so I will tell ya a few more things to talk about hahahahaa!

1) I hate doing scrap contests. I rarely enter those things. They seem like popularity contests to me and people get sooooo competitive and jealous. People end up with hurt feelings so I hate doing them. It just looks like a recipe for disaster in my opinion. BUT.. having said that, rofl My friend Di talked me into entering one rofl and IM in the finals AHHHHH! not sure how that happened but NOW IM a nervous wreck. ANOTHER reason I dont enter them. Im a worry wort.

2) I was in a car wreck at 6 months old (no I wasn't driving ha so dont even ask)2 drunk drivers drag racing ran us off the road. I have a scar on my nose in the shape of a fish hook. This very sweet lady that walked most every where she went named maycilla found me, I went through the windshield of the car. my face all bloody. My brother was in the back seat and was telling them who we were and who our parents and grandparents were because my mother was unconcious. She was blind after the wreck for some time. Maycilla took care of me till they got us to the hospital. Every time after that when we would see Mrs Maycilla out walking to the store or whatever we always took her where she needed to go. I feel like she was our angel sent to us that day to help us.

3) I am very claustrophobic. Not severely like an elevator doesnt bother me bad, but if it gets stuck I would probably die just from the panic. I hate to shut the door in the bathroom we had back home it was the tiny closet inside the bigger bathroom. It was so small. Freaks me out.

4) This is the first time I lived anywhere outside of Mississippi in my life. I didnt want to move I hated it cried and cried and cried. I stayed in mississippi for a year to make sure John liked the job here and make sure he was gonna stay before I moved here.(besides that I was sick and going through treatments and it was a long drive from Alabama back to Jackson every week for that) But, I stayed for over a year with a new baby. That is how bad I didnt want to go. ALmost risked my marriage because I didnt want to move so bad. ALl of our family was back there to help me with the baby while he was working all the time his family as well. I knew there was no one in Alabama and being sick and a new mother it would be horrible. I was being so selfish thinking that. BUT I FINALLY saw this was a good opportunity (quit listening to what everyone else was telling me to do) for him and moved. I do love mobile. IT is beautiful here and I LOVE my neighbors. I love our church and our home we have here. I can't imagine us being anywhere else now. I have gotten so spoiled living in town. I had never been able to order a pizza and have it delivered before!! We literally are 4 miles from every place we need for shopping and stuff. I really like our church even though physically I was not been able to gofor a long time, the people there embrace us and visit us and really care. I had never been to a church that had a band! (orchestra) I was so impressed haha!

5) I graduated with only 21 people in my class back home! VERY small school we had a football team basketball and track but no band or anything. Maybe 300 in our total school

6) I went to the same school the entire time I was in school. All 12 years.

7) WE are severe Home bodies. We kinda have to be though with me and my crapp I have. We dont go anywhere. We dont travel. we dont go on vacation. well I say we dont we go back home to mississippi to visit family at the holidays sometimes... WE never have been big travelers. Since I can't be in the sun and I get tired very easy and end up getting sick every time we have ever tried to go do anything like that so it wasnt worth it. WE just spend our vactaions relaxing or doing other things. we go for mini trips for weekends and stuff but a BIG TRIP is not an often thing. WE had been planning DISNEY for last year then I got bad sick again. Now we planned for this year and we dont think it will happen then either. SO maybe when bella gets a little older. I know being in the sun so much and all that walking it will not be good. SO when she gets a little bigger and we can think of an easier way we are gonna go. Right now I think she would be terrified of the characters anyway. SHe freaked out over the poky little puppy at the library so I could just see us going there.... maybe next year..

Ok so there are my 7 things. SOOOO I Have to tag 7 people by the rules. SO IF YOUR READING THIS.... GO to it . tell me your 7 things!

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Adriann said...

You have quite a history Ms. Nancy. I love the Maycilla story. How beautiful!

Congratulations to you on making the finals. What do you get if you win? You really have beautiful and professional looking lo's. Good luck to ya!