Wednesday, April 25, 2007


TREASURES TO SCRAP Is still having their contest this month so don't forget to go cheer on your favorite team (GOOOOOO TNT and TERI LYNN hehe)

Also Treasures To Scrap's Kit club is who sponsored the Design team this month. Here is the other pages I made with the kits I received.

I think you had already seen a couple of these.. but here they all are.

I had a great time with these kits. I also made a card box.. you can see it over in the archived blog entrys, with the left over scraps.

I have had a great time with the contest and gotten alot of pages scrapped.

I love this photo of BElla. I can add the warmness to it or cool it off to black and white and it is gorgeous with most any papers. I scrap most of my photos in Triplicate so my mom and mother in law get a page for their album as well. SO If you see alot of the pages that have the same photo on them... You know why haha.

One of our challenges was to scraplift our team partner. My Team mate is Teri Lynn. She is the DIgi side of our team. SHE ROCKS I must tell you. I had so much fun lifting her gallery. Here are a couple of the ones I did.

Great fun I must tell you! Be sure to go see Teri Lynn's Gallery and leave her some lovin! GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG AS WELL tell her I said HI!!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT! MY 7 THINGS! I was tagged a while back by 2 lovely other bloggers haha SO here they are my 7 things I despise:

1. Negativity
2. Children that are disrespectful
4. People who act all Snitty trying to stir up trouble
5. Dirty feet
6. Dirty floors
7. for someone to rake off the mayonaise back into the jar and get bread crumbs all in it (or any other thing you spread on with a knife EWWWWW)



Steph C said...

As always, GORGEOUS layouts! I gotta get my stuff moved so I can get back to creating...I feel so deprived lol.

Jana said...

YAY for your new banner, I'm so proud of you! Love your 7things list and would have to say that I agree with all of those!!

Gaspegirl said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the banner... too cute and thanks for playing along with the seven things!

Greta said...

hey Nancy...thanks for stoppin by and saying hi...hey that rhymed!
Your little Bella is just a doll.

I am adding you to my bloglines. have a great one girl

Your pages Rock!

Adriann said...

My comment disappeared! How weird. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for stopping by and posting. I'm glad you did because I absolutely love your work. You are a fantastic designer. I will learn a lot from you.

May I add your blog to mine?


"Kreative Karma" said...

You layouts rock girl! Thanks for making me laugh for the post on my blog! What you need to do when Dora goes off the "TB" again is pop in a Dora video, lol!

elizabeth said...

eeeek! i just noticed that you had a bella too! (don't know if you noticed that i had one on my blog).

how old is she? mine will be four next month. and if she is anything like my bella, dear lord maybe its the name???

i love every last one of these lo's (esp. that first watermelon one).

glad we've met and check your email :)

Kristi said...

I NEED A BANNER!!! Good for you! LOVE IT!!!

Can't believe how many layouts you've got done. I am so slow.

Anonymous said...

hey how do we vote???????? I was just over there and I'm not sure where to vote?! HELP! LOL
ps - LOVE YOUR STYLE! OMG I feel a LOT of scraplift inspirations coming on!!