Friday, October 12, 2007


Di tagged me. I feel I should be laying on the ground playing dead or something. hehehe THATS OK I will get her you just wait. Even though I think y'all know way more about me than you wanna... here are 7 more things..

Rules are:

Link to your tagger and post the rules
Share 7 facts about yourself - random/weird
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1. IM a TV junky. I love TV when the new shows come out and I FEEL IT MY CIVIC DUTY to watch ALL OF THEM.

2. I eat what kids eat... If it is too weird, gourmet, funny smelling or looking I WONT TOUCH IT! AND DON"T let something I DONT LIKE touch a food I DO like it is RUINED FOR LIFE!!!

3. I sing Loudly and ussually off key and DON'T CARE! The lord said a joyful noise didn't say nuttin' bout a good one!

4.I am still madly in love with my hubby.. even after 9 years..(hey that is like 25 years in todays society!!) sappy huh but TRUE.

5. I HONESTLY believe I have the smartest, cutest most loveable kid on the planet and DARE you argue that I don't. I have photos to prove it HA!

6.I don't use spell check and DON'T care.. (does that make me weird? OH WELL)

7. My Hubby and I would rather spend extra on a good meal we could cook at home and a good night snuggling in front of the tube than to go out on the town or a fancy resteraunt. (He cooks better than most places anyway AND I KNOW he wont drop his own steak on the ground and serve it anyway.. MINE.. well that is another story hehe)

OK 7 facts Tag I PASS ON TOOOO hehehehe who will be my victims! Wendy, Annette, Jan, Greta, Sherine, KIM, Tracy hehehe you can Thank me later


Di Hickman said...

yay! go Nancy! You a TV junkie? wow never woulda guessed ;) lol!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

you little stinker you.. make me really go and update my blog!!!!! oh my!!!!
hehee ok... updating now gal!
love your gutz!!!

jan williams said...

Oh my, now no baody reads my blog.. but I will do it any way!!@!LOL

Jacinda said...

ROFL - you're too funny Nancy! I'm with you on the singing bit!!

Peta said...

Love reading your tag Nancy..Your a very funny lady..hehe..i love watching the tub

Anonymous said...

See, there are other reasons why we get along...loud singing, no nasty food, trashy TV, oh and passion for the John!!