Thursday, October 11, 2007

IM still alive... barely in a Quasimotto kinda way

SOrry I haven't updated my sad little blog. IM sure you all have seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame" movie huh? Quassimotto the bell ringer guy with the big hunch on his back and the big swoll up eye. Well we look like first cousins right now. Minus the hunch in the back. I have been sick ONCE AGAIN. I know I know whats new huh. I had a big BIG ol kidney stone (we named it payne) then because of the trauma of the kidney stone it made the shingles come back out. YEAH not pretty. IN my eye and across my ear looks Horrible. TOTALLY GROSS! Today is the first day I feel human so I thought I would post. I had done this page back in between illness on a day I felt productive. It is for my new adventure, Doing the all about me challenges and classes at the diner. Is a really fun challenge and This is just the first page of my challenge I have another one to go (havent done it yet cause well Ughmm.. havn't been able TO SEE) and my brother is supposed to e-mail me a photo of our house what it looks like now. (didja forget bro? is ok I been illin' so this weekend will be good)
I hope you are having the little bit of cooler weather like we are. Not that I have been outside much to enjoy it.

Thank you for all your prayers. I think we are almost out of the woods just praying for no more damage to my eye, and hearing. (pause for my husbands laughter since he thinks I dont hear good anyway or rather have my ignore feature on) From now on anytime I get a cold, or a hangnail ANYTHING, the dr said I HAVE to take this shingle medicine that any little thing can bring it back out. OH well such is life. I keep saying COULD BE WORSE!

ANYWAY, IF you want to be a part of the all about me challenges just shoot me an email and I can hook you up :) OR Just respond to this post. :)


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm sorry you are sick again Nancy. I feel so badly for you. I wish I could bring a meal over or something. Miss you.

Tammy said...

Hey Nancy -- I had asked months ago to put a link to your blog on my blog (which I did). I haven't looked at your blog in quite some time, but got around to it today. Girl, your work is awesome! And I am so sorry about the kidney stones and the shingles. (I've had a kidney stone the size of a butter bean and had to have surgery and laser to blast it -- no fun -- worse pain I've EVER had.) You have had it so tough. I did read that you were being published -- congratulations!!! You so deserve it. I love looking at your pages. They do inspire me! I'm praying for a full and complete recovery!

Tammy (NCScrapAddict)

Di Hickman said...

you know what you need to get batter?
A nice game of tag

romelette said...

i love your scraps, i wish i could do the same. well, i already created some for my baby's baby book (her 1st year) but i've been using those free kits i can download from the web. im used to digiscrapping.

can i join your all about me challenges ? i wanted to try (fingers crossed ;) ).

btw, i will be deleting my old blog. i have a new blog and have already linked you up there, i do hope thats ok. also, when your not busy please update your link. please point it to my new blog