Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's all over but the mailin'

whehewww. I got the rough draft of my article written.. my stuff set aside to mail. My photos set. Design Team Items done, well, ready to photo and upload, circle journal all done, except my question pages, My life challenges finished,
WHEHEW. THAT was a productive day! I worked my tail off today, but, got caught up and done. well, with all that anyway. Tomorrow I will hug extra on my hubby and kid. Have been in bed and with the medication they have me on.. I turn into a hermit. Makes my nerves really bad. So I come out and look at them some and then go back in the cave. SO tomorrow, Im gonna spend more time and pray that the meds aren't bothering me. I feel better too, knowing these things are finished. I don't like procrastination. I want my stuff finished as soon as I get it. That way I can get the perfect photo, or the final touches just so, in the week or days before it is due. Sometimes though, Life just doesn't work out that way. I did finish my scrappin and I did an extra page JUST CUZ. yep JUST cuz I wanted to. You ever get that creative flood when you havent been able to create in a while and your just ITCHING to do something even if it is wrong! Yeah that is how I was. SO I did an extra. I have to say I LOVE LOVE this new basic grey chipboard. The letters are so fun and you get so many. We have our Reminisce Designs upload at Treasures tomorrow also..err today. I was really fortunate last time, all my uploads are gonna be published...(I am just a LITTLE BIT excited if ya can't tell) I doubt these are gonna do the same but OH well. I like em'
After I take the photos tomorrow (too bulky to scan) I will post them for you to see. Deal?
NOW I must scoot mini me over so I can get in bed and catch some Zzzzz's.
Hopefully soon I will actually get to get out with other people in the world again. Till then.. here I sit ... scrappin' :)

Edited to add:

I finally got my Reminisce DT projects Photographed. They were so generous with their collections for our entire team. Thank you so much! Here is the Live out Loud Line with a little girl that is definitly livin' loud (you should have heard her earlier haha)

I redid this entire board book. I used one of her pony tail holders to keep it closed. LOTS of bulky goodness in there and MORE TO ADD!

Here you can see it open. I didn't post all the individual pages here but you can see them in the Reminisce gallery at Treasures.
This layout had to be done. She is so funny and I just LOVE these photos. Also got to add these pages to my moms album and my mother in laws album and IM sure my sister in law will want some too. SO now you know why I duplicate photos. WE had SOOO much fun this day. Playing in the dress up clothes, Dancing and singing. Man it is going by so fast...
She is getting so tall! She has completely skipped a size in clothes just for the length!
OK I need to go check on her and her daddy. Just wanted to come back and add the photos of those pages.
Hope you have had a beautiful Sunday.. I know we have.

ps: DI... CAN YOU RUB IT IN just a little more... how much fun you are having playing with the upcoming months goodies? YES, IM stalking the mailman and YESSSS!!! Im just a little excited now since you have been rubbbin it in. hehehe love ya.. Mean it!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Jacinda said...

Girl, you've done so well with your projects - I LOVE the ones you've uploaded this week. I'm glad to know you're feeling just a bit better - hopefully this means you're out of the darkest part of the woods now.

P.S. Brooke says Hi to Bella.

Wolf said...

I just love looking at your work girl, and I still can't believe how much you get done in a day...I'm lucky to do that much in a month.

Love the new layouts and can't wait to see the rest.

Glad you're feeling better girl!

Nessa said...

Wow! Nancy those are gorgeous! Love that Live out Loud line!

dawn said...

You're an amazing artist - I especiall love Bella in the last one - so very cute ... hope you are feeling much better v.soon XX

Nancy said...

Count me in. Thanks,