Wednesday, July 12, 2006

an AH HAA ROCKIN' moment!

OK I have to get on my box for a moment so everyone step back. I got an invite from scrap that moment/scrappy chicks to do some freelance work for their magazine. I was like OMG OK yeah sure! I am SOOOOO excited about this and floored and shocked (they want me?! gulp!) Anyway I was like sure thing lets see how fast I can fly over and look at that site! OH MY GOSH yall IM so im pressed! that site IS SOOOOO ROCKIN! Their members and staff all have posts IN THE THOUSANDS. Now that tells me something ... THey have a very active community. Ok so I am intimidated a little when I look at the site IT IS SO polished and sooo eye pleasing and just flat out gorgeous. I mean look at some of the sites that are out there people and you will understand IM JUST mouth hanging open at how this place is set up. The graphics are amazing! The people are just so friendly and in one day I had like no less than 8 comments on some of my gallery submissions. SO I was like Oh ok they just want to impress me. SO I go look around and like EVERYONE has tons of comments. I was like well heck yeah. THey have some amazing talent over there I am just browsing and am getting ideas and wanna go scrap (dang kidney stones wont let me do much today SO anyway I highly recommend this site! Yall all know I have my favorites scrappersbliss, The Untamed Scrapper and The memory safe. IN NO specific ORder (I dont want ugly feed back now y a hear) SO TELL ME. What are your favorite sites? WHere do you post your work and why? What impresses you most when you go on a site and what really turns you off to it? I wanna hear from YOU! OH and here is a card box I made yesterday. A good friend of mine's mom was dx with colon cancer and lymphnode cancer. I thought this would be a little cheer me up for her and I am going to make some thank you cards and she can keep the cards she gets in it as well. SHe goes to our church her husband is our Sunday school teacher and I just love them to pieces SO PLEASE keep Mrs. Vicky in your prayers SHe has a great recovery prognosis and is doing real well but is feeling bad and sad and all so just pray for her THANKS YALL ROCK!

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