Monday, July 10, 2006

fourth july layouts

WELL here is the layout from fouth of July. Our across the street neighbors have a little girl Eva Caroline that is 5 months older than Bella and they are the best of friends. Every day Bella crys and crys wanting to go play with Eva. SO they met in the front yard daddy's in tow and shot fireworks. well the stomped on snaps. They weren't quite strong enough to make them pop just throwing them. SO they stomped them which they thought was GREAT fun! Bella didnt care for the sparklers and every time they lit something she covered her ears cuz she thought it would be loud. It was really cute but I felt so sad for her because I know it scared her. THEY LOVED for Bradlee (my nephew) to pull them in the wagon he made it OH SO FUN. They ate watermelon and played babies and princesses the rest of the evening. Im so glad she has such a sweet little girl across the street to play with.

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NancyJones said...

eww that scanned so retarted on here.... rofl Ill try to reupload it.