Saturday, July 01, 2006

True love

Here isa sneak peak of a layout i did that will be featured in this months VIEW at We had some photo and paper challenges. This is just one of them. You should check out the site we have some great talent there.

Why is it that the ones you trust the most hurt you the most. It never fails.... every day I find something else out about this friend or shall I say who I THOUGHT was my friend. I continue to pray for her. She is in a bad way right now. BUT I am learning My husband is the best friend I will ever have. I am so thankful to him. HE is pretty mad that I helped the friend out and got suckered into the situation and it has put us in a bad way financially for a small while but I have learned a HUGE lesson and IT WILL NEVER happen again.... the fact he has forbid it also helps lol. I guess I should listen to him more. It seems though that when something happens like this it makes us stronger. I dont know if it is because we have to work together to get through it or what, but it shows he is every bit the man I have always thought he was and will be. I thank GOd for him.


motobarbie said...

Great LO and yes doesn't it suck when they are right, LOL. I have a friend I always seem to be a sucker for too

Mom of Z&G said...

Your husband loves you and is always thinking of your best interest-unlike 'friends' who unfortunately, as you found out, may not be thinking about you at all. So sorry you got used soooooo badly. Just remember- what Earl says- IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KARMA. It's gonna come and get her!