Sunday, July 02, 2006

Even wumms

A conversation I had with my Dear 3 year old Bella today went like this: BElla: Mommy! Jesus loves everyone ya know. Mommy: Yes Bella Jesus loves everybody. Bella: Even wummms! Mommy: Yep Even wums. Bella: Jesus loves this wumm and Bedda cubber hims up wiff dut... cuz he deayahed. Mommy: Ok... WEll are we having a funeral for him... Bella: HUH? why Bedda have fubertawel? Mommy: No a funeral. Its when something dies and you bury it and say good things about it. Bella: sigh.. NO Bedda just cuvbered hims up wiff durt cuz bedda wike it. Mommy: OK. a few minutes pass... Bella: Mommy EYe a wittle bowey today. Mommy: A little boy? I thought you were mommys beautiful princess. Bella::: TOTALLY ANNOYED:: BEDDA NOT A BOOTIFUWL CINCESS TODAY MOMMY BEDDA BOOTIFUL CINCESS TOMOWOWW!!! SO this is what we did today on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

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motobarbie said...

Cute pictures and great conversation