Monday, July 31, 2006


I AM SOOOOOO FRIGGIN BOREDDDDDDDDDDDD! but I can say WOW I have more toots rolling in. SO exciting to see! I will tell you more about that later I am so excited I needed some good news today!
On the homefront I have held my bed down all day today I still feel burning in my arms from the meds they gave me. Every time I get up hubby shoves another pill in my mouth and says go back to bed. GEE aint he sweet lol WEll the dr said more rest the better and the less active I am maybe it will stop the bleeding. IM so ready to get this over with but every time I look up they keep saying OH we have to do this and this im like OK ALREADY hook up the hoover grab your exacto and lets do this! NO time like the present. I mean geez! Im ready to do it myself people!!! I want to scrap I want to feel better so lets get on with this. I have so many t hings waiting to get done until after this so Im just anxious Oh yeah did I mention patience is not one of my great attributes? ::sigh::

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*Jeanne* said...

I wish this would be done and over with yesterday... I hope you get this done soon as possible. I want to see you back and being yourself and in good health!

hugs friend!