Sunday, July 30, 2006


WELLLllll I emailed back and forth with "legacy" magazine all day friday..... I can still do it . Here is what she said when I explained I wouldn't be able to do it since I made the tray for another publication :

Hi Nancy,We are actually interested in the tray for next year’s issue of Somerset Home. Since we have a few months, did you want to create one especially for the issue?Best regards,Rebecca Ittner

Well I was like HECK YEAH! SOOO I think IM just going to send this one to them after I am done with all the current stuff and then send it to them. THEN if I want to do them as Christmas gifts I can make another one. Sooo I am excited again. We emailed back and forth she wants one identicle to this one I said no problem how many ya need!

SO anyway I got all my deadlines done for Scrappy chic magazine. I did an extra one this time after my friend Jeanne ::waving HI JEANNE:: so inpired me by her friend Carole's blog OMGawesh this chic is amazing! So then I go and see what Jeanne did (see her blog its called crossroads under my links) and I was like hmm I wanna try that. SO I did one too. I cant show you yet I have to wait to see if Scrappy chick picks it up. IF SO then you can see it there if not I will post it. She has some amazing submissions so I doubt mine will get picked. My husband wasnt crazy about it. He said he didnt get the entire concept of the 3 dimensional. He was in a crabby mood today so I dunno if he REALLY didnt like it or was just being crabby. Regardless he later said He could tell I put alot of work into it and I did good he thought... he just didn't care for that was too something he just didnt know what... I tried to explain to him about trends and style and well anyway sometimes You just dont like it. No biggie.
OK so I have a new respect for people that do all that cutting out I could hardly bend my fingers this morning lol
I am ready to get on my projects for AUgust. IT will be a rough month for me with the surgery and all so I want to get them done and over just in case. I have rotation for the view on Untamed this time as well so I have articles to write and pages to finish for them. I have alot to do on that. I have been so busy with getting these done I havnt done much other but it is over. Im trying to get everything in order so when I do the surgery things will run smooth (great theory huh hahaha) Hard to do when you feel crappy. I laid on the heating pad most of today. I did watch flightplan tonight Omgawesh thatwas a freaky movie I was like GO JODIE slam him! I normally dont watch those kinds of movies. But it was good. I will leave Bella home if I ever fly! I wanna go to church in the morning but still running temp. I almost cried. IM SO SICK OF THIS HOUSE!!!! John said he would drive me down to the beach to look if I wanted. I just stared at him. He knows Im miserable. I feel like a fat slob right now and look like the michelon man on steroids. I need a hair cut and I cant fit into my clothes. MISERABLE. BUT THis too shall pass (I keep saying that) Well that is all she wrote for today. Bella has been so cute on the computer. She calls it the BIG POOTER. She did sing 5 little monkeys today for Jeanne. and some other song I have no clue what she was jabbering. She gets her own language going. Anyway take care and rest well tomorrow hug your family and tell em ya love em. I sure love mine!


motobarbie said...

Good luck on the new tray. They were very nice to offer you a different solution.

*Jeanne* said...

I am so excited for you with your publication.. Nice to know one way or another you are going to get pubished. I sure have no idea why nobody has picked up your designs before.. This will be the start of a good roll for you. YEA!

Thanks for you lovily comments about my design. It was great trying something new... Yep Carole is amazing. I just am in awe of her work.

Sweet little Bella... the next AMerican Idol!