Sunday, July 16, 2006

aaahh Sunday!

WOW the birds are chirping the sun is shining.. wait a minute the sun isnt shining IT IS RAINING! WHEWHWHEHWHEWW it is raining YES! WE need rain so bad here it is not even funny. So hurray for rain! On another note... I feel better. I can feel my legs without screaming. I can sit up straight without screaming. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN??! I have another dr appt in the morning so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this haha get it BOTTOM of it. They just better not come at me with that pic ax thing again. Yall will be getting me out of jail! SO anyway I had my first designers meeting with the site Im gonna work with YIPPEE IM so excited! I have some things to work on this week! I can already smell the modge podge! (that is a good thing I hope) I am really excited about it and pray I do it justice. As you can see I have a new look here. WAS SO NOT INTENTIONAL! Bella the dear sweetheart (I keep saying that in hopes I will believe that) deleted over half my blog today while "playing" on my computer. I wanted to cry. so Im trying to recover it and jeanne if your reading this HELP!!! yeah I KNOW you will be hiding now hahahaaha hey I did recover my profile and my posts and photos they are just in a whacked out order so if anyone knows how to fix that HEY Id appreciate it!

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*Jeanne* said...

We WILL work on this... and make it all pretty and joyful!