Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Veggie Inspector B

Veggie Inspector B was a big help when hubby brought home a heap of veggies from the farmers market Tuesday (so now you know what all I have been doing!)
He got us a bushel of peas, butter beans, some Okra, a few tomatoes and him some squash.
(Bella and I don't care for things named after noises and Squash is a sound not a food)
YESSS we have tried it all kinda different ways fried was ok... Thank you and IM SURE your grandmother's recipe handed down 75 generations is LOVELY. GO enjoy.
Thank you so kindly for your generosity and caring. bless you. no thanks. hahaha. no can do. Seriously I have tried. Its a texture thing. we really have tried it cooked a bunch of different ways and I did ALMOSTTTTT sorta almost swallow it one of them.
I just cannot get myself to eat it. anyway before I get sick thinking about it

We cleaned the veggies and Inspector B helped pick the bad ones out, the trash (hulls, dirt, bugs eww, or any thing that isn't supposed to be in there. What? These are FRESH HOME GROWN VEGGIES. Where do you THINK they GROW? IN THE REGRIGERATOR? THE DIRT! so ya theres DIRT on them. so ya THERE IS A PROCESS. SO, I'm passin' it on down like my grandmama did, and my mama did. (minus the shooting water all over the ceiling, the kitchen,.. found out it can reach the living room when you use the vegetable sprayer and also the stove) I was soaked.

Bella was sorta wet,
Kitchen was really wet,
John had gone to the store to get some other things I had needed (more zip locs,towels and probably alcohol. I mean corn ya, corn!) He came home to my face just... well,ughm ya. Bella was singginnnnn' and diggin in the peas. I'm Just staring at him. with that.... face. SO, He knows something is up.
(yet afraid to ask) finally he says "WHAT?!" then he hears "YOUR DAUGHTER" then HE LAUGHS! because he knows whats coming! anyway, We were tired.

We had a big weekend. I am not used to doing a lot at one time. My shoulder has started to feel better. (Thank you lord doing the YAY dance)

Our couch has an ejector seat on it. you sit down on one end and it EJECTS you. It is the same couch I have had FOREVER. like 14 years. (Yes I'm serious) whether you want it to or not.. You will be ejected. so it was time. There were some amaaaazing sales this past weekend so we went "loooking" at furniture.
THEN, we came home and he got the bright idea. HEY! Lets pull up the carpet. well, guess what is under there when you pull up carpet?

omgosh, it's nasty. I couldn't stand it. He is staining it or something? anyway,
I was losing my mind.

We looked at these floors and they are soooo gorgeous.
(they were all done by these professional stainer, art people
that have websites and have done this before for years and years)

pray for me. just sayin'

although, the good news... its floor.. can always cover it up.

stain is expensive though!

He is making me a nervous wreck! He keeps saying things like "so David will be just
next door. IN CASE."

IN case of WHAT? I don't even want to think about that right now.

I do have to say it looks better with that carpet out already.

In other news:

Bella entertained us tonight after supper with her guitar. She is doing quite well with her guitar lessons.
She rocked out to "SPANISH THEME IN G" after our lovely meal of fresh veggies. (what? you think we were gonna eat somethin else after all that work? please!) She did a great job didn't even look at her fingers. (don't judge by the photo that was not a photo from tonight) So proud. She is becoming quite the little guitar player. Here is a PREVIOUS (see the carpet in the background) photo of her playing the guitar NOT tonight. She had a horribly dirty face tonight stained with BBQ sauce from eating ribs (DON'T ASK) couldn't get it all off until bath time. so I will just let you see this photo (PER NANA'S REQUEST HAHA) I have a better photo where she is looking up but, I am saving it for something else :)

so. SORRRY. You will have to wait :) I have been scrappin' like crazy. Staying busy. Doing my physical therapy.

well... I THINK HE THOUGHT THOSE VEGGIES and THE CARPET AND THE FURNITURE THING AND all this other extra stuff he has been having me do, this like domesticated stuff is part of my physical therapy routine. (like I paid attention to the ones I got, so well)hehe! DON'T THAT COUNT??? Anyway, I still got lots of stuff to do hubby stopped at the LSS down in Foley today and got me some cool stuff. HOW MUCH does HE ROCK? I just love him! (even though he does eat squash) YEEEUUUCK!
See ya laters

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