Thursday, September 02, 2010

Scrappy lil mini me!

Bella had a project for school due tomorrow, an "All About Me" poster. I was not really shocked when she said "OH OH MAMA lets SCRAPBOOK IT!" I had to tell her though this was HER project I did help her with the cricut and daddy helped her with the lines. We made sure of course she didn't hurt herself with the scissors and the trimmer. (was a little hard for her to cut the cardstock) But ya she did this herself.
She picked the embellishments (rummaged through my stash) YES that is MY NEW AMERICAN CRAFTS embellie on that poster! All for the good of the grade sigh...
The things we do for our kids haha!

I let her dig through my photos and pick the ones she wanted.
ughh.. Our house looks different... She has grown since then,Amazing looking at these photos how much has changed in such a short time..just since April.

We went through about 4 and half glue sticks on this project. She doesn't hold back on the glue.

We used the trimmer to learn how to measure, along with the ruler. she wanted to layer her papers like I do mine, So I showed her how. I have created a monster!!

*TIP*I laid the letters out for her and then she came back and put glue on them and put them all down. IT was REALLY HARD. The letters were kinda small and the glue stick was kinda sticky on her fingers and the letters would tear.
We learned next time to use the xyron and just run them through.
I was trying to let her do it all with the glue stick though. so THERE IS A LITTLE TIP FOR YOU. They say hind site is 20/20 huh? The Cricut was great to use though on this project.

She wrote her sentence under each one. Even added an extra sentence under Bebe's photo.

She has been working on this project for a while now. We finished it up late last night. (as you can see from the last photo above)
she just kept adding embellishments saying "it just needs something. JUST ONE MORE something mama" (she is her mothers child after all)

I think she did an outstanding job. She is making a great little scrapbooker. Im very proud of her. She did so good working on this and she listened really well.
(shock) 4 and half glue sticks and one day early her project is turned in.
She even challenged herself to those hard hard letters instead of just taking the easy way out. Im proud of her for following through even though they were hard to do. great job lil bit!

Great goin' kiddo! Mommy is VERY proud of you and the hard work you did on this!

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Karen L said...

Awesome job Bella...and Mommy too! You have to admit that, hard as it was to share your new American Craft embellishments, it makes a scrapper proud to see the next generation carry the torch! But wasn't it hard to keep your own hands off her creation???!! "Hmmm, you might want to think about using this color instead of that one...and maybe add some ribbon here...."!