Thursday, September 09, 2010

ahhh relax....

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind kickin' back, for a bit.
Just let all my cares just wash away in the waves as I set sail on a big cruise ship and sip a big fruity drink. Well that is just what my brother did in this photo on this altered canvas that I did.

(He hasn't seen this yet by the way haha) I am sure he will be happy to hang this somewhere like on the floor or in the dog house maybe in his office to remind him of stress free days of yesterday. (and his loving, beautiful, sweet, funny and smart little sister YES THAT WOULD BE MEEEEE quit acting like you don't know THAT!)

When you look at this photo do you not just want to be swept away to some vacation spot? some Island getaway? Do you not hear the music?

(You may click on the image to see it larger)

So, You wanna know the "how I dunnit?"

SEEEE you can make more than just cards from these kits! I made this project AND I made a mini album see THIS POST HERE! I still have a box full of stuff left to make cards with! You definitely get your moneys worth from these kits!

I also had the little add on that I won from the blog hop!
THANKS DANI! ::waving::
It was so cute. had the little crushed shells and sand.
I used the embellishment pack that was in the kit the paper also.
I added The Canvas, The wooden word RELAX, Glimmer mists, acrylic paint and inks they didn't come with that kit.

I misted the canvas.
The canvas is 8 x 12 (you can find them at most craft stores) I like the ones with big open backs)

I sprayed it with several different shades of blue. It got kinda crazy and I got a lot of different variances of blue.

The word RELAX is a wooden word my mom had found at some good will or place like that. I have some other words like this in my box of stuff waiting to be altered.
I thought this one was PERFECT for this photo. It went so well with this kit this paper all of it so well. (put it was the WRONG color) had to fix that!

grab that paint. (I have a wall full of it grab a brush lets get busy!)

after my paint dried I sprayed it with the glimmer mist and oh wow what a cool thing it did. It started to kinda puddle up.It looked so neat.

I loved how it made the kinda shimmery lazy loook at the top kinda dreamy.
I glued HEAVILY with ALEENES TACKY GLUE the crushed rock and shells THEN sprinkled
the sand on top of that.

While all that was drying. Put on some Groovy tunes and start planning what you want to do to the rest of it.

Hope you liked this you can see the newest kit up on her site.
This was actually made with her AUGUST kit. She has another one out now that I am about to dive into. This one has been so much fun.
Thanks for looking Hope you get a chance to RELAX
and have fun creating!


Melissa said...

I love it! I wondered what you were going to do with those shells!

Sonda T said...

fabulous Nancy! I'll add it to the home page so everyone can see! :)

Donene said...

It does make me feel like relaxing! It looks great!
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April said...

Looks Great! I love your banner-your daughter looks like a hoot!

Sandy Ang said...

So great !