Thursday, January 08, 2009

It will make a mama proud!!!

IF you could see my face right now you would see a big ol jack ol lantern grin on it right now. NOT ONLY is my neighbor NOT blowing off his driveway and it is after 8 am (I could get up and praise Jesus but let's not get crazy or anything) I don't feel like dancing. So I will praise QUIETLY with a smile from right here :)

SO you ask "Nancy what are you so happy about this morning?" well I will tell you. IM a proud mommy. IT doesn't take a lot to make a mommy proud of her babies. We all know that. You little susie could draw a straight line with a red crayon and we would all applaud and send huge abounds of applause across the internet that would make you think she shattered a world record cuz that is the kinda friends we are y a know. well this is kinda like that but better so GET YOUR CLAPPIN HANDS READY FOLKS :BIG CHEEZY :GRIN:

(my sister in law and nephew are about to just groannnn so get ready)

MY BABY GIRL WON LAYOUT OF THE DAY AT TREASURES!!!! IM sure this means absolutly NOTHING to you. BUT TO HER she is gonna be on cloud 99999999999!

She was soooooo excited to see her page up on the website.

She is so funny. She designated herself that she was on the design team. and she has this ONE DRESS (it is too little but she tries to wear it every time she creates) That she HASSSSSSSSSSSS to wear because she is on a design team. I keep telling her.. DO YOU SEE MAMA WEARIN A DRESS????? I don't think so. SHe said "but its my special project" Im thinkin "oh boy kid you got ALOTT TO LEARN!!!" We will work on that part!

This photo was last year at national scrapbook day mind you.

That dress wont go over her head now but SHE INSISTSS she try. we had to hide it!!! she gets sooooo mad because she can't find it. (I PUT IT UP TO KEEP THOUGH)
I see a scrapbooker in the future here! Maybe she will carry this tradition on and appreciate these 55 million scrapboooks she will have hahahaha!

There has been SO MUCH going on at Treasures To Scrap. First ... The server crashed last weekend. yeah what a night mare. all weekend long through monday. Spend countless hourrrssssss with Tracy online and on the phone trying to help her get answers. EVERYONE worked so hard to help restore boards and Gallery's to how they were. We got it looking pretty good now but not all the Threads are there yet. So that is where I have been. we have been putting in countless hours trying to get it fixed. So sorry I haven't blogged. Between that and interferon and LEAF BLOWER MAN. (don't ask ...)

Be sure and stop back by tomorrow I will do my best to have some layouts up. THe sun is ACTUALLY OUT TODAY so I will HOPEFULLY get to photograph them and get them uploaded to my computer! whehew! yes john got me a little thingy for my camera so I can upload photos again THANK YOU HONEY!!
hope you have a good Thursday! OHHH ITS THURSDAY! McDReAMY comes on tonight! :giggle:


jan williams said...

Wat to go Bella Bug!!!!!!

jan williams said...

I mean WAY TO GO!!! LOL

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

whohohoooo Miss Bella, I am so proud of you.. Your the most important person on our team!!! You did a beautiful job with your layouts and I am so proud of you... Keep up the great work little one and keep posting those layouts..
congrats sweetie,

Vickie Lee said...

How wonderful for Bella! That is fantastic!! You have every right to be excited and very proud!! Go Bella!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Congrats Miss Bella!!!! Maybe I can get your autograph!!!! Hope all is well Nancy and you are feeling better!!!! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Tara said...

A big congrats to Bella!!

Christie said...

Seriously sweet that she won!