Tuesday, January 13, 2009


OK so I haven't updated my blog in a while. Sorry. I figure yall are tired of hearing the same thing. I mean you know already most of it. haha. BUT I have to say IM pretty excited today. AMERICAN IDOL STARTS TONIGHT!!! Now we get to start PLAYING American Idol with Bella. SHE LOVES to stand up in front of us and AUDITION for John and I to GO TO HOLLY WOOD. I dunno if YOU remember or not but I had even done a layout about it.

I used the prima paintables paper and all my sakura pens and colored the buildings and cut them with my exacto, I took stickles and blinged some of them up a little

Each little building I opened and wrote behind it and put a photo of Bella and her little self singing and acting her little plays she does. We acted out the whole scenario of YOUR GOIN TO HOLLYWOOOOOD!!!

I evennnn got a note back from "CK MAGAZINE" Saying how incredibly imaginative this was but because of copyrite laws... they couldnt use it but how much they enjoyed this page. HEY that was good enough for me!! I felt like I was goin' to Hollywood.

I have been working on these two layouts for Tracy at Treasures to Scrap, for a while. Transparency's bumfuzzle me. (write that one down that is a technical term) my spell check wouldn't even cough on that one.
IT is almost impossible to take a decent photo in a home setting and get it to come out decent. especially if you are me. but this is what I came out with after a day of screaming and trying well more than a day. IT had rained, then was cloudy, then I took my shot and well, anyway...
There are lots and lots of stickles used in this post here my blog friends!

This is Fancy Pants Designs papers and overlay, Tim Holtz distress stickles and regular stickles, I used My Minds Eye Transfer titles on top of the overlay and then put stickles over it, I added wrights rick rack, scrapworks chipboard with more you guessed it STICKLESSSS, Making memories tiny alpha stickers to save the date.
here are a few detail shots

You know how I told you Bella got LOTD at Treasures to scrap. WELL GUESS WHAT.
THE LITTLE STINKER WON LAYOUT OF THE WEEK! YA! SHE is walking around in all her glory now. She has told everyone about her new scrapbooking success. I think we need to make her a crown. (she expects one anyway. she is 5 afterall) boy I think when she grows up she is gonna have a rude awakening. but I wont ruin it for her yet.

Here is the other page I made for Treasures this month.

Keep in mind these look a thousand times better in person. I dont have my CS anymore and cannot get my picassa to make this look right. This doesn't compare to real life.
The enamel charms I painted by hand and used stickles on top of to give them that extra oompf.
This is also Fancy Pants overlay on fancy pants papers, basic grey buttons, Stickles, Distress stickles, off ray ribbons, chipboard snowflake, doodlebug jewel,

Here are a few close up details

I have been enjoying the Wii Fit (I guess enjoying is the word you use) every day. It is helping my balance and I can see progress well until today. I opened up the boxing one. Most of the things on there have a TRY IT and a demo. That one didnt. I didnt realise I was supposed to be playing when the little dude was laughing at me and saying are you there? and sayin You havnt even broken a sweat have you?
I can only do it in 10 min at a time episodes but I had a hugeeee hugeee accomplishment. I walked the tight rope. If You have a wii fit you will understand what Im talking about and this is a great feat. You have to walk this rope between two buildings and jump over this metal t hing that is tryin to eat ya. well for the first week I must have had magnets in my underwear cuz it always was chasing after me. FINALLY (my 5 year old) showed me how to jump it. yay! so I made it all the way across.
I do the balance stuff on it more than anything. losing weight would be a great thing. I have lost a good bit but balance and eye coordination is the most important. (you can look at those stickles and tell Houston! It ain't as easy as it used to be!!!
But if I do a little bit on it every day. It is getting easier.
Oh and one more funny. Bella learned it doesnt matter how old you are YOU NEVER forget how to hula hoop. yes her mama kicked her tail at hula hoop. THAT MENTAL IMAGE WAS JUST SPECIAL FOR MY BROTHER!!! HE CAN THANK ME LATER!


angie worthington said...

LOVE the layouts!!!...the "welcome to hollywood" layout is fantastic!!!..i can see you put alot of time into that one...how great to get a compliment from CK, too...love the other layouts, too!...

Anonymous said...

Loving your layouts as always!

Jocelyn said...

The LO's are WONDERFUL as they always are!!! So glad to see you on the Wii fit! I have it and you know what that thing is hard!!! We are having so many health issues, I don't know what to take care of first! Off to see the neuro today and she is not going to be happy! I see some IVIG in the near future!!! Stay well my friend! Wish I lived closer!

Bucket said...

I love your layouts...and all this talk about the WII Fit.. I so want one.

Gaspegirl said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling fit enough to play Wii Fit :) Hey, I have an award for you! Come by my blog to pick it up! :)

DebW said...

Have fun with the Wii!! Glad you're getting so much fun from it!

Cheryl Wray said...

Your creations are just BEAUTIFUL, as always!!

My girls LOVE "American Idol," and I love it once it gets to the final 12. But I actually watched some the last two nights and there were some pretty good singers.

Aubree said...

The layouts are fabulous!! Boy, you have been one busy lady!!!