Friday, August 01, 2008

I may not be able to scrap but.....

Not alot happnin' around here.. been raining a lot. Still taking these blame shots.
I mean I am taking my injections and trying to not bat an eye. Bella has been keeping us busy. She is so bored with it raining and ohhhh man I just want to rest and lay down where it is dark!!

Not a lot to talk about because I haven't been scrapping. I have been writing. I did some articles for you can see one of them here
It is amazing how much Bella has grown in the last year! SHe looks like a baby there.

Scrapbook Obsessions new kit comes out today and OMG IT is full of yummy new pink paisley!! you can see it HERE

That is all I know for now. Tonight is shot night so we aren't doing much and I know I will be in the bed tomorrow but hopefully Sunday It will feel better. Im starting to adjust to it. NEXT FRIDAY I move up to the big dose so IM interested to see how that is gonna do.
THanks for all your prayers. hugs


Lily said...

Thanks for the links. i am looking for a new kit club. I hope you are feeling up to scrapping soon...{{{hugs}}}}

Lynn said...

i love that you keep on keeping on. you are so in my prayers. love you.

Sasha said...

I have to register to that thanks for the link .. love me some PP .. so how is yoru Friday boo bear

Adrienne said...

((((HUGS TO YOU)))))) I may not comment all the time but you are in my prayers daily!

Vincenza said...

Hi, I found your blog on "Top Scrapbooking Blogs". I am sorry to hear that you are having to take Rebif. I also have MS. I was on Capaxone which did nothing for me. I had 4 relapses in 5 months. Then we tried Rebif. OMG. I was only on 2/3 of a dose and could not live my life that way. I was so sick and just when I started to feel normal it was time for a new dose. Then we did a year of Chemo which worked ok until 18 months after I started I had 5 new lesions.
A year ago we moved from Utah to South Carolina. My new doctor suggested TYSABRI. Once a month IV and the only side effect is a headache which we are slowly getting a grip on. Have you talked to your doctor about TYSABRI? Remember, this is your disease and you can insist on it. If he tells you it is only for those who nothing else has worked, he is wrong. If you want to chat more, feel free to email me or call me. I won't post my phone number just email me and I will give it to you.
Love and God bless,

Cheryl Wray said...

Still praying for you. I can only imagine how hard it must be to have the energy.

Can't wait till you scrap again, so we can see your creations.

Hope your weekend is going well.

noelmignon said...

Hi Nancy, sorry I havent been over for awhile, so busy with summer activities. Hope your meds are working well for you! I will hop over and read your article! Take care girl!

Babydoll said...

Still praying for you Nancy. :)