Thursday, September 27, 2007

busy busy just so busy...

Hey there, Sorry for the length of my last post. I was pretty perterbed at the lady thievin' (is that a word? It is in Alabama) my work and posting it in her sales ads. IM very happy it was taken care of so quickly. That was the 2nd time this woman has done this. SO Yall keep your eyes on ebay if you are a scrapper or altered artist.. You may just have your work in print and not know it!!

We have a busy weekend going on at Treasures to Scrap. We are participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness crop for a cause. We will have LOTS of challenges, games, PRIZES and a HUGE sale at the store. SO come on by if you get a chance and take a look.

I have a couple of women in our family that were effected by Breast cancer directly so it is dear to my heart. We hope you participate at Treasures but I know ALOT of Local Scrapbook Stores are doing the crop for a cure as well. SO we understand if you are going to one of those. I pray you participate in some fashion in this wonderful cause.

Had a busy day today. We had a meeting this morning at Bella's school she goes to for the upcoming Fall Festival. IT IS GONNA BE SOOO MUCH FUN. I am so excited. AND since OUR CLASS is gonna do a basket to auction off with a TUSCANY theme IT was the perfect opportunity for me to go invade one of my FAV O RITE stores WORLD MARKET. OH I could just stay in there for hours. I smelled all the cool soaps, sampled some amazing food and scanned through amazing cookbooks. AHHH so much to inhale. I Just love that place it awakens all of the senses. I settled on some lucious rosemary and garlic infused dipping oils that had Tuscany on the label (ha cant get much better than that!) John is gonna FLIP when he sees what I paid for that. but IT IS FOR A GOOD cause. IT also looks SOOO Pretty. Yall know me with Italian cuisine I drew a total blank was thinking ok spaghettio's what? ravioli. Im clueless. I thought ok movie under the Tuscan sun OHHHH that would be a good idea for the basket!! someone could put the movie in there. My wheels are turning can you see it? SO yall just holler out now any suggestions you have for the Tuscany Basket. We want it to auction off for a good amount like 150 bucks or up. So just give me a yell Im all for the suggestions.

Well I better go I told Bella she could watch this little Strawberry Shortcake dvd and it is almost over here so I got to get movin'
I THINK the kidney stones are gone. At least they arent hurting anymore so that is fine by me. SO thank you all so much for your prayers and concern.

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