Tuesday, September 25, 2007

boy people got SOME NERVE!

I got a sweet email from this lady tonight informing me that ANOTHER one of my basic Grey pages is posted ON EBAY with an ad to sell product. NORMALLY I would be flattered. BUT This person is just going on the bg site and saving layouts to her hard drive and USING THEM WITHOUT PERMISSION In her ads. NOT paying or any type of compensation but most of all WITHOUT PERMISSION. IF SHE HAD READ THE FINE PRINT SHE WOULD KNOW once Basic Grey publishes your work on their website. IT IS THEIRS! THEY HAVE rights to that page. SO that makes it ILLEGAL for her to do this. IM NOT TALKING ABOUT scraplifting and making a page similar with someone elses kid or whatever I MEAN IT IS LITERALLY MY PAGE, MY KID, (or my DOG in this case) MY SUPPLIES. copied and pasted into her ad. THIS IS ME SOOOO ANGRY right now. Being a freelance scrapbooker THAT is how I make money and product. WHAT GIVES ANYONE the right to do that ESPECIALLY if it is on Basic greys gallery. THE NERVE of some people. I wrote her a note VERY NICE saying IM FLATTERED THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY PAGE BUT.... IT must be taken down because of copyright laws. SHE went off saying it was posted in a public forum. well THAT IS TRUE.. BUT.. that public FORUM IS COPYRIGHTED which equals ILLEGAL.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with that said IM gonna have to put a clause up on my blog as well since this is NOT the first time it has happened.
IF you use my pages as scraplifts or as inspiration THIS DOESN't EFFECT YOU. IM flattered seriously. OR I woulndt post it on here in the first place. WHat it does mean.. is business owners CANNOT go on, copy and paste my layouts to use in their advertising to sell their product WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT.
Hope that makes sense and I NEVER DREAMED I would have to do such a thing. Plain pathetic. OK My rant is over. IM just so dissapointed and angry that this has happned AGAIN. BUT I had to get basic grey involved since they own the rights to the page now SO IT WILL BE TAKEN DOWN. sad sad sad.

I DO have to add HUGEEEEE accolades to Basic Grey for their speedy work with getting the page down! Literally an hour ago I sent them email re it and they contacted EBAY and it IS NOT THERE. SO I THANK THEM SO MUCH for their help with this. Pretty sad you have to do it though huh?

What is your opinion on this? WHat do you think should be done in order to protect pages? should you just not post them? I hate to not do that I do like the companesation, I like to share my work with my friends and family online.. just hate it when People think JUST BECAUSE it is in a gallery they can use it for their personal use.


jacinda from TTS said...

Oh Nancy, how infuriating to have someone do that, and then DEFEND themselves when called to account!! I would be as mad as you are if that happened to me. Do you think you'll have to start putting watermarks on your layouts now? Would that make a difference? I don't know what else you could do chicky....I'm so sorry this happened to you...like you need MORE stress in your life right now! Catch me on hello if you want to chat. Hugs!

Chris said...

Hey Nancy man you know this happens all the time and soooo many people think they can get away with it. You have done the right thing and you know there are many people who put watermarks on their stuff so as Jacinda has already mentioned you may need to do that. Sure not as glamourous but definately needed. Good luck chicki and I hope this doesn't happen again. Sending some hugs your way!!

Robin said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you AGAIN! I mean, on the one hand, it is a compliment because you ARE that good...but on the other hand, you would think that people who own businesses...no matter HOW small would take the time to learn and understand copyright laws. And the whole "you put it in a public forum" arguement is just wearing thin IMO. Not to meantion the fact that BG is NOT a public gallery...your LO must be ACCEPTED by BG in order to be there!! If her arguement were true, then as a designer, I could pretty much copy any design that I find posted in a store by another designer.

If I were you Nancy, I would suggest to BG that they make their gallery copy proof. I have been to a couple of sites where you cannot copy or save any LO's to your HD. It has happened to you TWICE, you know there must be others that has had this happen at least once.

trish said...

I agree with Robin.. apparently she LOVES your work! BUT I am sooo glad that BG took care of that part for you.... I would be SURE that EBAY (like do they really care?) pentalizes her... wonderful how many others are on there as well.

Angela said...

I would have done the exact same thing! Not that anyone would copy my work but ... you know what I mean. I would have been irate!! I hate people who cheat the system. Your work is sooo awesome! I love to look at it and be inspired by it...but use it, steal it...no way. And by the way, it is theft! Even if it is in a public forum!!! I would consider it taking something that doesn't belong to you without permission. That is theft!! Plain and simple!
Hugs and blessings,

Teresa Jackson said...

Nancy, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I think you did the right thing! I just amazes me how dishonest people can be!

Di Hickman said...

awww man not again! Jeepers! Glad you got it sorted. This is one reason why you see the watermark on my images online now. Maybe try that for a while Nancy?

And to address Robins comments, there are ways around those galleries that disable right clicking. It's not a foolproof way to protect images (ask me about it later on hello). Plus don't forget there is still printscreen.

catch ya later for a chat girl!

Ambearluv said...

Wow, the nerve of some people exactly. I would hate to see you stop sharing your layouts, and agree that you may want to start adding a watermark to your pictures. Ebay is pretty good about responding to complaints and penalizing people, especially if they are breaking laws.

I mean, really, if you love something so much, then use it, but make it yours, change colors, shift things, use your own pictures, that sort of thing, and then put it in your personal album. But trying to sell it, that is just disrespectful on so many levels. GL deciding what to do with your future layouts.

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

ooooh I am so ticked.. what gives her the right to do this.. does she have any integrity at all!!!! I am just going to be quiet or I will say something not so nice... so sorry gal..

Greta said...

ummm please tell me this isn't the same chick who did this last time...if is was did she not learn the first time????

twinsand2boys said...

Oh wow Nancy! I am shocked she used your layout in her EBAY ad! Wow! I would be upset too! Glad that BG took care of it for you. So sorry that happened to you!

Lucy Chesna said...

hugs girlie...I cant belive she would dot that

adrienneleigh said...

Nancy, I don't think there is any nice way to say this... this sucks! Your work is completely fab, but someone snatching it is not just stealing- it doesn't give you the props you rightfully deserve!
>>On another note, Hi! I'm just checking out your blog for the first time & I love it! I just started mine:) It isn't much yet- but it's a start!http://adrienneleighs.blogspot.com/
have a great day!